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…you must be the guy that calls a ship for passing arrangements and says “calling the ship on my port bow”.

We have no idea where you are dude.


They do escorts for vessels carrying dangerous cargo.

Even if the thing was loaded to the marks with ANFO what are the police boats supposed to do about it?

Or what do they think they can do no matter what happens in the wheelhouse?

That whole idea sounds right up there with the idea years ago about putting an air marshal in the cockpit of every airliner landing or departing Washington National … what did they think they would do, shoot the pilots turned terrorists? Then what?

It wasn’t a worry about “pilots turned terrorists”, it was to stop terrorists from taking over the plane from the pilots.

Feel tough and indicate to the terrorists which ships have dangerous cargo.

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He’s obviously a serious captain guys

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100t boiiiii

For the first 5 years or so after 9/11 and when general aviation flights (biz jets) were again permitted they were required to have onboard at their own expense an armed guard regardless of any passengers carried or not.

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