Help Support Shipyard Trip for Historic FDNY Fireboat

Hello again - About a year ago I posted here that the former FDNY Fireboat Fire Fighter had become a museum ship in Greenport, NY on Long Island’s North Fork. Its been a great first year getting the organization up and running around the Fighter and we’ve received a tremendous amount of public interest in our efforts to preserve this historic ship. At present we are trying to fundraise for a trip to the shipyard this winter for some hull and topside work and provided that it doesn’t violate forum rules, I’d like to post a link to our fundraising page for those who are interested in making a tax deductible donation towards the effort, or know organizations or individuals who would be interested in helping. You can get to the fundraising site through this link: or you can get to the site or find out more about the ship through our website at: . Thanks in advance! J

Sorry about the layout of that previous post, something funky was going on with my mobile phone when I was trying to post it.

The Indiegogo page for the effort is here:

and our group website is here:

Thanks again for anyone who is interested and to GCaptain!