Help finding a job

Hello all,
I really need help in finding a job. Here is my situation, I am a ex submariner Machinist Mate. I have a twic, passport, bst, and my MMC has the following endorsements: oiler, pumpman, lifeboatman and stcw 95 lifeboatman. I do not have RFPEW because I do not have any commercial watch standing time and I need to get to sea so I can complete my assesments. I am willing to work on any type of vessel I just want to get started and get my foot in the door. Any help would be much appreciated.

Get on the net and bring up Edison Chouest Offshore. They will hire an entry level engineer type any day. All the info you need will be on their web page.
They build their own ships and they haven’t slowed down yet. Yes it’s the GOM to start but it’s the time and training you want.

Thanks for the info