Helix ESG

Does anyone here know many details of Helix ESG. They have job postings all over the place, but I can not find anyone who actually works for them. I have not made any progress through google searchs. The only returns I get are for financial information for the company and more and more job postings.

I can not find a direct contact for their HR department. Their compnay website has 3 job openings and rigzone has 85.

Their online application requires you to enter your social security number through a minimally secured website.

All feedback is appreciated.

ESG has a semi (Q4000) and several pipe lay vessels (Intrepid and Ceasar) working in the GOM. I spoke with the Master back in January on the Q and he seems to like the company.

I’ve tried to contact them on several occassions about these positions. Everytime I call I’m told that no one from HR is available and for all inquiries to email recruit@helixesg.com.



I’ve applied using every possible avenue and have yet to hear anything from them - no surprise really.

I wonder if the is the same as some other company’s ads (i.e. [B]Veolia[/B] Environnement)? Saying that they are looking for qualified guys, and then saying there are no local people quailified.

But I do have a contact’s name at Helix.

Trena Gipson
Corporate Recruiter
Helix Energy Solutions Group
400 N. Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77060
Direct: 281.848.6530
Watts: 281.618.4000
Fax: 281.618.0563
Email: tgipson@helixesg.com

Good luck

This economy sucks!

Thanks for all the insight guys. I am real leary to fill out an online application giving all personal details including social security number without talking to a person. You would think they would offer the job, or go into final rounds of selection before they needed a SSN.

I think Helix owns Caldive, and they mostly have foreign flagged equipment. Does anybody know how they are manned?

I am inquiring for a Mates position to start. I have a 1600 Master oceans and 3M unlimited oceans as well as some pilotage and TOAR stuff, but all my experience is on tugs doing ship work and wire towing. I would like to get into DP work, and eventually move to drillships or MODUs.

I need about 150 days to upgrade to 2nd Mate, so I need some tonnage.

That is not too much to ask for is it?

All comments are appreciated. It has been a long time since I have had to apply for a job.


I called their corporate headquarters and got someone in human resources and she made is clear that first she wasn’t very happy I called and that they are not in a hurry to fill those positions advertised on rigzone and other websites.

I’m headed to the patch Sunday to begin the search. I’m starting in Houston and working my way east.

Helix is on my list of places to visit and drop a resume, but if I’m recieved by someone who is annoyed with my expression of interest in their company, then I’m not interested in them.

I may eventually reach a point of desperation, but for the relatively near future I’m interviewing the companies as much as I’m being interviewed by them. I’m not picky, pushy or arrogant, and I’m not afraid of work, but I won’t be shit on either. It may be a long trip, but I’m packed for it!

Have mercy, south Louisiana in September…it’s going to be a hot, humid good time.

Wish me luck,


[B]HELIX owns Canyon Offshore and CalDive, they have a great many jobs posted but the turn over is great. HELIX was recently busted by the Coast Guard for having illegals on board the Q4000.
[/B][B][I]Katrina M. Chargois[/I][/B]
[B][I]Helix Energy Solutions[/I][/B]
[B][I]Offshore Resources Coordinator[/I][/B]
[B][I]400 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Ste. 400[/I][/B]
[B][I]Houston, Texas 77060[/I][/B]
[B][I]Office: 281-848-6755[/I][/B]
[B][I]Fax: 281-618-0563[/I][/B]

I have a first hand source that told me that Cal Dive has bought themselves back from Helix…FWIW.

MTSKIER you are correct. Cal Dive is no longer affliated with Helix.

Looks like we’ve all applied for those positions. I have even applied for the AB spots open on Helix Producer 1 and M/V Caeasar and also the DSV Seawell to get the sea time and a foot in the door for a Mate position. I also called the Houston office and the attendant stated that the recruiters receive [U]no[/U] phone calls. I have emailed the pajesus out them with applications. If just us few have been trying just think of the throngs of others who are competing with us. Not a good situation all around…time will open some doors.

Check out: http://www.rigzone.com/news/article.asp?a_id=80281

Regardless of ownership, none of them respond to any form of communication and all seem to run on non-secure servers…Remember a year ago when you could have put your license up on EBay and said comes with body to operate…At this point I wished I could put mine back in the Cracker Jack box and get my money back…Back to sawing firewood…


don’t think those solicitations for employment are so much about jobs…but rather part of the “dog & pony show” that the CBP has going on right now!!

**the use of non-secure servers is merely part of the strategy…no one in there right mind should provide their SS# on those applications…I know it, you know it, they know it and those that don’t they probably shouldn’t consider.

**FYI…a good indication as to whether a company is earnestly hiring or just “taking applications” is that their HR people are not “locked down” and they return your voice/e mail after 2-3 attempts…unfortunately for those seeking employment it is a “buyers market” right now and not likely to turn around anytime soon!!

**my latest goose chase…drove 100 or so miles to apply in person for a job that a company on my “would like to work for list” advertised “no phone calls please apply in person”…was in their parking lot along with 8 other applicants before they unlocked the doors…they offered us coffee and sat us down to fill out applications…when the lady collected the application she politely explained they weren’t hiring only taking applications to “see what is out there”…I left without making a rukus…some did not…I merely put them on my “won’t call them they can call me list”…inconsiderate yes, but to be expected in the current enviroment…just remember…what goes around comes around to hang it’s fangs in the ole gluteus maximus!!


The threads about Helix being busted for illegals reminds me of a scam that occurred in California years back when the Govt required companies to show that they had “advertised and interviewed” legals but in not being able to find 'qualified" candidates they could instead get work visas for those illegals… this was big in construction and restaurants (specialty chefs…jajaja) looks like a similar game being played for US licensed personnel… If this is the case, make noise to your Washington reps… Democracy is not a spectator sport… No one can take action if they aren’t aware that someone is being affected…

Has anyone here actually spoken to anyone at Helix or are they just so locked down tight that they are simply impenetrable?

I truly wonder if they have any intention whatsoever to hire Americans for the CAESAR or the HELIX PRODUCER? Probably not I fear and I am not going to hold my breath!


suspect ,as with others, was merely a smoke and mirror tactic for the benifit of CBP…now that the CBP has “crawfished” it is back to “business as usual”!!

Well I guess i have a different story to tell.

I have spoken with HR many times. I will be going in for an interview in the AM for a spot on the HP1. They have been very informative and helpful.


Good Luck Spinny
Let us know how it turns out!