Have C/M and DPO. Job chances now?

Just turned 62. Worked in the GOM for 3 years on OSV. ( 2013-2016)
This question is aimed at people who currently work on a drillship. I see some ads for a few drillship jobs but I wonder is there going to be jobs for some one like myself…C/M AGT and DPO unlimited but zero drill ship time.
Is it a case that the people who get hired now are only the ones with prior drillship experience ? With oil prices bouncing around in the 50’s I wonder if current hiring is a dead cat bounce and I should not hold my breath about working for one of the drilling companies.

If you know how to get on with any companies that require an unlimited license and DPO I would love to hear about it.

Lookup Complete Logistical Sevices. They’ve been looking for a contract DPO for a while. Not sure about the details, but it could be a start for someone in your shoes.

For the most part that’s exactly it. There’s so many unemployed DPOs with drilling experience that they don’t need train anyone yet. Some people get hired because they know someone though.

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Yeah, anyone not currently working elsewhere would benefit from this. It’s a good way to get drilling experience to then later get hired permanently. I wouldn’t give up a steady job for temp work though.

Yeah agreed.

Most companies, from my understanding, are requiring new hires to have previous Drillship experience. Most companies are using 3rd Parties such as CLS to fill DPO positions while the rigs are transitioning from International work to US GOM. Since there are not many Drillships operating in the US GOM right now not many companies are in need of American DPOs.

It does sound like there are ships coming out of Cold Stack or Warm Stack and are getting crewed up to be ready for work. Even then these companies seem to be using CLS for the time being. I know on my last ship we ended up hiring 2 DPOs from CLS because a bunch of people jumped ship for higher pay at one of our competitors.

In terms of getting a Chief Mate spot it seems like a lot of companies promote within unless your resume shows years of experience on Drillships and experience as CM or Master.

I wish you the best of luck and would start by applying with CLS to get your first 3rd mate of ADPO gig.

Take care.

Temp agencies pay low and provide minimal if any benefits. I you are from a non USA country where you are covered under your national healthcare program the benefits may not be a big issue and as they say, at least I’m getting paid.

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But it’s a way onto drilling vessels and right now just about the only way to break into that segment. I’ve heard that the day rates aren’t horrible, I’d be more worried about frequency of work.

Have you renewed your DP certificate? From the years stated it should be up for renewal very soon.

Thanks for the input.