Harvey Gulf Stacking Boats

Rumor is Harvey stacking boats and pay cuts!

That’s weird, the OSV industry has been in an upswing and seemed healthy. Which boats?

No idea what boats. Second hand info to find out if it’s true. Very weird considering everyone else is hiring.

The rumor mill

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Someone just posted on another thread that they turned a mate job down and they were still offering the hiring bonus. Rumors…


Is this from the same rumor mill that says Vane Bros is insolvent and going under?


Maybe someone from Harvey can kill the rumor but allegedly pay cuts and boats being stacked.

No , it is not.

If Harvey can’t get work for their boats in the current environment where we don’t seem to have enough boats…I would be asking why that is?
Having said that, it appears most of their equipment is working besides a few at their dock in the back of slip B.
I’m going with baseless rumor on this one, but hey stranger things have happened.

They’re already below ECO in pay, that would be an interesting play during an oil boom. Very doubtful.

Hornbeck just announced raises coming across the board on March 27th. Didn’t specify amounts. I didn’t believe the Harvey rumor either but it’s being blamed on finances and not the OSV market.

Not at HGIM, but saw the email from Shane Guidry stating their stacking boats.

That was me, that offer was late January. I guess a lot can happen in 1.5 months.

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Wow offshore sector is booming i wonder the reason why??

Guessing they are having trouble crewing boats up and losing work due to it?

Probably just more rumors on here, can’t imagine they would stack boats during this upturn of the industry

That’s probably the same place the Vane Brothers rumors came from. Still haven’t seen any manifestation of that yet either. Does anyone else have any news on that front?

Read up a few comments. People at Harvey are affirming that they’ve seen the letter from Shane Guidry about stacking boats.

I saw that, but I figured that until I actually read the email/letter myself then it was just hearsay.

As an employee, it is true. It’s so far just been some 100 ton boats. In the letter that was sent out, it states the bank failures, wars, economy, and the current administrations attack on oil and gas.