Harvey Gulf Billboards what a laugh

Please don’t wreck your ride if and when you read the Billboard on the four lane by Harvey Gulf. They seem to leave out the word “potential” as in you have the “potential to earn $750 a day”. Yea, in 2-3 years if there happens to be a position. The good news is people are bailing out so fast right now the pay has to come up over there. A friend called and told me they had two walk offs on a supply boat today. Gee I wonder why?
I wonder if their tug boat guys are getting any more money or if that is another situation altogether? I was told that they are desperate for 1600t tug people. Knock, Knock, Knock…I might have to go see.

Can you post a pic?

The same $750 lure post is on the bulletin board at MPT in Ft Lauderdale.


I seen that billboard. It is also on hwy 90 in Louisiana. And you are correct potential for $750.

The tugs are not that well paid. I thought having to have a towing endorsement would bring up the prices…still waiting.