Hard to *FIND* jobs

Greetings everyone, thanks to all the posters on this thread for all the great information that you share with the community.

I started this thread in an attempt to uncover information about jobs that are not well known, and hard to find. Specifically, I was hoping that you would all share any information you have about maritime jobs with defense companies OR companies with other Federal & State contracts, both domestic and international.

There are many lucrative civilian jobs out there for mariners who know where to look, many in support of the military, but also working on other Federal and State projects. In my experience, these jobs are hard to uncover, and generally not well known.

For example: Shortly after earning my first license, I went to work for Raytheon as captain of a landing craft on Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. I discovered this job on a sun-bleached old flyer posted on the job board at the Seattle Maritime Community College in Ballard. I had no idea what or where Kwajalein was when I applied, nor was I aware that Raytheon and similar companies employed professional mariners. [Note: Raytheon no longer has the contract for this base, but there are Engineering jobs open NOW with the current contractor KRS (a consortium of Bechtel, Lockheed Martin and others) you can view all the current openings at: http://www.krsjv.com/job_ops_list_cdc.html#marine]

Had I not stumbled on that flyer, I would never had found that job, or known that Raytheon even employed mariners.

Another Example is the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. They test torpedos and other military hardware at this location, and employ civilian mariners to operate their fleet of vessels. Currently, the contract for this base is with a company called CSC. The only reason I know about this one is because a co-worker of mine worked out there many years ago. Before that, I had never heard of CSC, or had any idea what they do. [FYI: they currently have a job posed for “seaman”, see my post on the job leads thread for information.]

Metson Marine http://www.metsonmarine.com/company.html is a company that has operations in CA, HI, FL and others. I had previously applied with these guys looking for a job following a summer in AK. Don’t remember how I found them, and still don’t know much about what they do.

Raytheon, Bechtel, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing…these are some of the big names in Defense, and they employ tens of thousands of people worldwide. For that reason, it is difficult to find the jobs on their sites. One company might classify a job as “Captain” while another classifies the same job as “Master” or simply “Operator”. To make matters worse, there are dozens of other companies who may have maritime positions that I have never heard of (such as CSC).

Please reply to this post with any information you have about maritime jobs similar to those I have mentioned, even if there are not any current openings. Include jobs that you may have had in the past, or jobs that you have heard of from friends or co-workers.

If anyone knows of a resource where someone can look to find out what companies have the Federal contracts, that would be a good starting point. I know all this information is out there somewhere. For example: the US Navy here in Washington uses civilian mariners to operate a fleet of NAVY tugs at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Subase Bangor. For the life of me, I can not find any information on what company employs the guys who operate those tugs. Another example: I have been told by close friends that there is a flurry of activity going on at the Pacific Missile Test Range, with lots of gear and equipment being moved to San Clemente and San Nicholas islands, and also to Vandenberg Air Force Base where they are building some massive launch pad. I have scoured the web looking for information on what companies are moving this stuff, or supporting these operations, but I can’t find anything. If you know anything about these operations, please reply here.

Any information you may have on these Hard to FIND jobs…please post reply. Thanks.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.”
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Puget Sound tugs are Dept of Navy, direct hire. Check out usajobs.gov or http://federalgovernmentjobs.us/ . I prefer the second, as it breaks the jobs down to position better. I know what you are talking about. I was stationed on Diego Garcia back in '88. We had 2 tugs that worked there, and the capts made $350/day. (1988 folks) Had a phlip crew and didn’t do much of anything. Had it made.

Thanks for the information RkyMtn Paul, I had never seen the federalgovernmentjobs.us site before…

For anyone who is looking, there is a job posted at the site above for deckhands located under the category “Transportation and Mobile Equipment”, I will post the details on the job leads thread.

Anyone have any experience having a professional “federal resume” written
there’s a number of company’s charging from $50 - $1200 ?? Who has the “911”
( the real skinny) on what it takes.

[quote=CaptDockside;25239]Anyone have any experience having a professional “federal resume” written
there’s a number of company’s charging from $50 - $1200 ?? Who has the “911”
( the real skinny) on what it takes.[/quote]

If its purpose is to generate a resume to apply for a federal job, I would pass. the USAJobs web page has you generate one on line for them already.

I think it was Mr Cavo that gave pointers on the all important KSA’s on an older post. Anybody recall? USAjobs has a section on it also. From my understanding, this is what can separate you from everyone else.


I retired a year ago after 32 years of federal service, 12 of which were overseas & of those o/seas years, 8 were related to maritime transportation (shoreside). Here are my recommendations for fed job seekers.

Regarding fed job announcements, read the KSAs/SOEs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities/Screen Out Elements) carefully. Clearly & explicitly address each in your resume/cv.
For example, the KSAs/SOE for a small craft operator position such as the following:

  1. Operation of Motor Vehicles
  2. Work Practices (includes keeping things neat, clean, and in order)
  3. Ability To Interpret Instructions, Specifications, etc. (related to mobile equipment operation)
  4. Ability to Drive Safely (Motor Vehicles)*
  5. Ability To Operate Safely (Non-Motor Vehicle)
  6. Reliability and Dependability as a a motor boat operator

If you are not qualified, do not bother with a [B]Hail Mary[/B] app. You are wasting your time & the staffing specialists’ time also.

Clearly state how, in past positions, you have met or exceeded the standard by writing a narrative for each numbered item. The rationale for motor vehicle experience is if you don’t have DUIs, ie if you safely operate m/vehicles, you will safely operate water craft. If you have a CDL so state, if you don’t, consider getting one with a hazmat endorsement.

Include [U][B]all[/B][/U] training you have received in you cv, especially if it relates to the job. Mention [U][B]all[/B][/U] awards, recognition, letters of commendation, appreciation, etc.
If you are a veteran, claim the status. Include the required documentation.
Keep in mind that you are following a set of directions and if you can’t follow them, your app will not compare well with the ones that do.

For KSA help, just google same. There is a ton of info out there.

See this site for current federal small craft operator positions:


Once you are in the federal system, it is much easier to compete for promotions & other positions for which you are qualifiied. Therefore, consider applying for an entry levelposition to get your foot in the door.

Questions, need help, just PM me.