Gulfport, MS Airport Ground Transportation/Sea School

Does anyone have up-to-date contacts or info on arranging ground transportation from Gulfport, MS airport to Bayou La Batre, AL (Sea School)?

Sea School no longer provides pick up in Gulfport according to their local office this week but flights to Gulfport are about 50% the cost of flying into Mobile.

See what kind of deal you can get on a rental car, probably your best bet albeit maybe not the cheapest, but at least you’ll have wheels to get out and about. Also I highly recommend the casinos in Gulfport for a good time around 2-3 in the morning.

Nothing on the airport website about ground options?

Check and see if any of the Casinos have buses running to Mobile.

They used to run from New Orleans to Mobil. Heard of a few guys that used to get home that way. Have the office drop them off at the air port, jump on a bus to the Coast, drop a bill or two at the tables then hop back on the bus for Mobil.

I was there back in April. My best suggestion would be to rent a car for a one way trip to Mobile Airport if thats where theyll pick you up. You wont need a car while you are there, and if you do need to run to the store get with someone in your class. We all looked out for one another in respect to getting rides to grab what we needed. There will be people there with vehicles. Good luck!