Bus to Galliano?

Does anyone know of a bus or shuttle to the Golden Meadow/Galliano area?

Shuttle from Seattle? or New Orleans Airport? Chouest has 2 daily runs from the airport, if you are headed there, but other than that you might try rental car one way. Was thinking Enterprise but not certain. I know Hertz doesn’t have anything there that I am aware of.

Enterprise is the only rental car agency that will allow one way runs to/from MSY airport. Airport Enterprise #(504) 464-6171, and Enterprise CutOff location (inside Golden Motors) #( 985) 325-7368. There is also a Bayou taxi service “B&R Express”, but it sucks and is very expensive (985) 677-1304.

Good Luck

Thanks for the replies Curt and Money. And sorry for leaving out details: MSY to Golden Meadow. Looks like it’s Enterprise for me - unless I can find an orange jump suit before I go. Again, thank you.

I use Enterprise to travel to/from the company that I work for. Check on corporate rates - about $50 for car & tax.

If you are taking a class at Young Memorial, you can use their corporate code:

Okay guys,sorry, I can’t help myself.

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[QUOTE=seattlemariner;33125]Does anyone know of a bus or shuttle to the Golden Meadow/Galliano area?[/QUOTE]

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