Grub Shopping NYC

A new service launched in NYC that delivers to any boats moored in Brooklyn. $5.99 fee.

Good deal for bulk items. Arrives within one hour.

CostCo & Key Foods for now.

Brooklyn only? They need that service on Staten Island…the tugboat capital of the northeast!!!

Seriously, Staten Island is the busiest.

Went on an excursion through Red Hook a few years ago with my friend Tugster. I saw great potential for that neighborhood and had a moment of deja vu, taking me back to the Fells Point of my youth when Curtis Bay and Baker-Whiteley called the Recreation Pier home.


It is my belief NY harbor needs a pier where tug & barge crews could go grub shopping. Is the Fairway market too expensive to shop in for us tug crews? For those of us pushing oil cans around the harbor, we spend considerable time anchored on Bay Ridge. Why not something in Brooklyn where we can drop the barge and head in for water and grub?

Tugboatchief, you probably remember when Vane Brothers was at the Foot of Broadway? It was a great place to hang on.

Keep Red Hook a working waterfront. Access by the public to working commercial craft will draw people. It is my hope the Red Hook planners and developers can make room for public accessible commercial waterfront.

Many FDNY firehouses will use a Fairway Market if there is one nearby, and having shopped there myself I will say they are not cheap, but they are also not exorbitant. The quality of their produce and meats is top notch.

Worked out of red hook in 2013. The boat shopped at Fairway and if you mentioned that you were from the tugs you get 10% off the bill. Not sure if they do that still but worth a shot.

I love the cultural adventure that is pathmark in staten island. You’ll never take that away!

[QUOTE=z-drive;141340]I love the cultural adventure that is pathmark in staten island. You’ll never take that away![/QUOTE]

I gave up on that Pathmark back in the late nineties. Like the Shop Rite off Forrest better and their bakery absolutely rocks. But, it is going the way of the Pathmark and it may be time to move on to the Stop & Shop out Richmond Ave.

Instacart is the SHIT!!!

My Wife and I use them at home in Austin and love it. Even with a tip and delivery fee it ends up being cheaper then if you go because the person shopping is going to just pick up what’s on the list. Unlike my Wife who insists on going when she’s hungry and is constantly throwing things in the cart that are not on the list.

They are real good about calling if they can’t find something you are asking for to see if a substitution is fine.

Red Hook Fairway still gives boats 10% off.

With all of the talk about Red Hook, I am amazed how much things can change. I remember that back during the 1988 333 strike the Cops would not get out of their cars in Red Hook. Hell, that used to be one of the roughest places in N.Y. Harbor.

The shoprite at 2am is epic with every aisle having different music. Costco on Staten Island is brutal as well