Grub Service

Has anyone in the workboat fleet had luck with using a grub service like the big ships often do? I’ve used Sysco before but that was on a big ship, never tried it on a workboat before. I can see complications with the office, etc. about using a professional service as opposed to dragging out butts to the grocery store every week and a half or so. What have other peoples’ experiences been?

Crowley uses Publix for their grub order. The cook and or Captain puts the order in via phone or email and then Publix fills the order and has it delivered. The problem with that is…you tend to get all of the “about to expire stuff”.You have no choice on fresh fruits and fresh veg. They have a track record of fucking up the order as well. I say fuck that shit. The back watch AB can go to the store with the list and shop for the boat. I did it for years. I also prefer no cook on the boat. Most of them suck anyway.

In the Northeast Stop & Shop has a delivery service called Peapod… You can order online and the truck delivers the grub in little green plastic totes… Works pretty well.

Do they have the capacity to do a couple-grand-sized order? Also, what’s their track-record for screwing up large orders? And what does it cost?

Which Crowley? Not the linear service. They use some ghetto outfit in Jaxs & the food is shitty at best. The guy they use in philly sucks just as bad.

They are pretty dependable… Don’t know about the cost… But here’s the link:;jsessionid=YVXFMOQ5XNWJICQBD0WSF3Q?999=Home

The 650 class ATB’s and 1 or 2 of the three 750’s. I prefer to go buy the food myself and have the ability to choose which head of lettuce I want. And most of the cooks won’t order arugula anyway…“what the fuck is arugula”? When there is a food delivery service there is usually a cook. The back watch AB should do the cooking. I did it for years. It builds character. Besides, knowing how to cook will get you laid on the regular. Chicks dig that shit!

At first this sounds great but then I can only imagine how fucked up the order could get. Its also easier to go to the store and pick all the things you need for certain recipes and people have random shit like arugula thats easier to keep track of if you just do it yourself. One of the biggest challenges i see in the last few years is alot of people are trying to eat healthier but there is still some old school people who want the pantry stocked with crap so you run into issues. Unfortunately in my experience, people trying to eat healthier are given a bunch of shit.

Yeah like when I tell the old man to keep the chips/cookies in his room as he’s the only one that eats them, yet the rest of us can’t resist temptation. I love beer, steaks and fries at home but on boat a man has to eat reasonably otherwise…fat fuck coming through!

Used peapod before on a short project in New England, a good idea and you avoid a lot of money wasting crap but the price is higher than I thought reasonable. Never had problems with them fucking it up too bad. I’ve always felt some grub providers send boats the crappy lettuce, meat, produce as we’re leaving and won’t be able to complain.

Hah, we once bartered with a Crowley boat using them, ended up with a few frozen turkeys in exchange for the bare essentials.

Years ago the CFO of the largest supply boat company in the world was questioned about the money paid feeding the crew. His reply? “No company ever went broke because they fed their crew well.” Still true today.