How hard is it to maintain a keto diet while on a hitch? Has anyone successfully done it? It’s not a necessity, but it would be nice. Are there any companies in particular that it would work for best?

Where are you sailing? Tugs, deep sea, coastal, foreign?

I just started applying to academies now. I’m torn between tugs and deep sea though for what I would want to do.

Seen plenty of tug guys successfully do keto, I’d argue it’s easier because you get a say in the grub and can cook for yourself. Probably wouldn’t be that hard on ships though either

Only works for me if the whole crew is on the same page. I have horrible will power at work.

You are SOL if whoever thats ordering groceries doesn’t give two shits about what you would like on the list too. Thats very possible depending on where you land.

You got plenty of time to worry about it then.

Deep sea can be harder because you’re at the mercy of the Steward, particularly if you’re sailing foreign where finding the same stuff you find at home can be difficult. Tugs are easy, especially if it’s assist work where you’re usually buying your own grub. If you’re in a fast paced ATB, idk, I’ve never worked on one.