Greetings from Norway

The Sami people are getting into bed with a strange mob who will be trying to convert them to a plant based diet.

Try maybe, but not likely to succeed, unless the plants has been digested by a reindeer:

Some members of my immediate family have done a DNA test which came up with a Scandinavian ancestry. I’m pretty sure that my forebears would not have survived a Norwegian winter a few hundred years ago on a plant based diet.

Viking blood from in the days of Hogar the Horrible?:

The winter came late in Ålesund this year:

More expected for the next few days.

Avalanche warning is in force for large part of NW and Northern Norway after major snowfall:

Tromsø received 1.8 m. of snow during the last 24 hrs.:

But a snowstorm is no problem when you have studded tires on your bike:

I’m sure that was the opinion of the school teachers that taught my five brothers and me.

Situation report from Ålesund:

Still snowing.

Storeggen af Aalesund in town, ready to start the cod fishing season in Borgundfjorden:

On the fjord she got company with a more modern looking fishing boat;

Both are carrying paying fishing enthusiasts, both locals, other Norwegians and tourists for many countries for a few hours of excitement (or despair).
Hotels Chefs offer to prepare a meal for those who bring in self-caught cod (at a price of course)

The snowy conditions persisting in Ålesund:

More in the forecast for the next few days. WHEN WILL IT END!!!

Enter the Dragon:

An avalanche in Stordal yesterday caught on video:

Fonna (the avalanche) went down towards Storheimsgardane, from the south side.

The photographer, Odd Jarle Storheim, deny that any drama was involved. The farm houses were safe, although it may not look that way.

  • This is a dry powder snow. It is only the pressure that brings dry snow towards the Storheim farm, says Storheim. He says that this is a phenomenon that occurs every year.

He reports that it is minus seven degrees (C), sun and little wind in Stordal. Now he is going on a skiing. trip.

  • But one becomes a little skeptical when one sees such avalanches. One must be careful.

Update: Øyvind Tafjord was able to film the landslide and shares the video with Sunnmørsposten’s readers.

Source: Storfonn lausna i Stordal -

In another part of the county the drama was on the Romsdalsfjord:

The fire brigade released Beluga whale from ropes. PHOTO: THOMAS MOLNES

An observation had been made of a whale that went around in a ring inside Hjelvikbukta. It was tangled in ropes. Fire crews from Molde and Vestnes went out in fire boats.

Fire chief in Vestnes, Frank Skorgenes, says that the action was a collaboration where three from Vestnes and three from Molde Firebrigades took part.
This after a tipster had alerted the police, who in turn alerted the fire service.

Skorgenes himself stood ashore. A private person contributed with the use of drones in the campaign.
The first time the boat approached the whale, it went down, says the fire chief. On the second attempt, they got the rope loose.

  • The whale was not aggressive, just happy to get help, he says cheerfully.

It must be a Beluga whale, an Arctic species:

They are social creatures. They can be around 80 years old. “During the lactation period, which lasts nearly two years, there is a close relationship between mother and calf,” it says, among other things, on PHOTO: BRIAN GRATWICKE

Private person and drone photographer Thomas Molnes helped the fire brigade. Skorgenes followed Molnes’s screen, and got direct drone footage that helped the campaign.

Molnes suggests that it may be the celebrity whale “Hvaldimir” that has appeared.

Source: Aksjonerte for å hjelpe kval -

Celebrity “Spy whale Hvaldimir”:


Winter wonderland.
View to the west from Skansekai, Ålesund Port, north side:

View to the South East from Storneskaia, Ålesund Port, South side:

Another avalanche yesterday. This one straight into the Hjørundfjord:

No houses in the vicinity and no boats on the fjord at the time.
Avalanche in the Hjørundfjord on Sunday. PHOTO: KÅRE MYKLEBUST

Lots of boats trying their luck on a sunny Saturday in March:

That BIIIG cod is lurking around somewhere down there, it could bite today.

The Navy is in town for the weekend:

From today: Derfor er Nato-styrken i Ålesund -

NATO’s standing mine clearance force on a visit to Ålesund. On 12 January, Norway took over command of one of them. PHOTO: STAALE WATTØ

Sunny this morning:

It was Equinox yesterday. The sun was setting due west for the first time this year:

Photo: Bjørnar BergÅlesund - Byen i mitt hjerte!

View to the west from Sukkertoppen.
Øyvind Strandabø is the photographer.

Hvaldimir is heading this way:

Vigra is only a few miles away from here.
He may be at the Inner Harbour in Ålesund soon. Reverting.