Greetings from Norway

The winning photo of Sunnmørsposten’s photo competition during this year’s Borgundfjord fishing season. PHOTO: KENNETH HJELLE

This beautiful photo was taken by Kenneth Hjelle in early March and shows a number of boats fishing for cod during the Borgundfjord fishery as he sun sets in the west, between Sukkertoppen and Godøya.

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Norway has a lot of hydro power stations and usually a lot of rain and snow to fill the reservoirs that drives the turbines, creating cheap electricity for the consumers and for export to the rest of Europe.

This year has not been a normal year, however. The South and East of Norway has been dry, with little snow in the mountains, causing the reservoirs to be at a very low level:

Little precipitation and little snow in the mountains means that the water level in Dokkfløydammen in Nordre Land is very low.
Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB Photo
Consequently the price to consumers where up to NOK 2.80 per kwh

At the same time, due to large snowfall in the winter:

And due to the warm weather now, rapid melting cause the the reservoirs to overflow here in the North West of Norway:

The price to consumers in this part of Norway was as low as NOK 0.03/kwh a few days ago.

Wants to experience the Midnight Sun without actually having to travel north of the arctic circle?
Here is your possibility do do so from the comfort of your easy chair

Live webcam from Skarsvåg, North Cape in Norway:

Live webcam streaming 24/7 from Skarsvåg, North Cape in Norway.
The Northern most fishing village in the World.

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Reine in Lofoten Islands. A spot of spring sunlight

From today;

(Translated by Google Translator)

One of the main complains among EVs owners in Norway is the different charging connection and the many different charging operators that each have their own app for access and payment.

Here is an advert from a car dealer that offer a simple solution (according to them) to ease the problem:

From FB Group “Old pictures from Ålesund” by Arve Tore Flem

PS> Ålesund was known as “Little London” during WWII due to the traffic of people to Shetland, with weapons, communication equipment, operators and saboteres on the return voyages.
Here is one of the fishing boats that was used for this purpose:

She is now preserved and belong to Sunnmøre Museum She is making trips to Shetland most years for the commemoration there:


Fjærland, the “Book town” of Norway, with less than 300 inhabitants and 10 used book stores:
Fjærland seen from the ferry on a calm and clear day.

PS> Former US Vice-President, Walter Mondale (RIP) had his roots here:

1945. Then there was peace and the Grini prisoners who were deported in 1941 returned to Ålesund with a bang. The city’s music corps met up with a crowd of people to receive the free men.
Photo: Magne Flem.

Lofoten Islands w/o disturbing comments;

Cruise boat passengers transported down from Nesaksla on special stretchers

An adult woman was transported down from Nesaksla (708 m. asl) on Wednesday by the Rauma Red Cross Aid Corps after sustaining a minor injury. The crews used a wheeled stretcher on the rescue mission.The woman must have fallen or tripped on the stairs between Andersmyra and the summit, and either sprained or broke her ankle. Four volunteer members of the Rauma Red Cross Aid Corps were called to get the patient down from the mountain.
It was considered using a helicopter, but the AMK central decided that it was not necessary because the damage was not considered very serious, says auxiliary corps leader Øystein Valde.
We spent an hour and fifty minutes up and down, so it went quite quickly, said Sivert Hole after the patient had been sent on by ambulance to the hospital in Molde for further examination:

Specially designed

The stretcher used in the rescue operation is specially designed for use in demanding and steep terrain. It has a large bicycle wheel underneath, and is equipped with brakes, and the crews in the auxiliary corps have used it in several demanding operations.
We decided to acquire the stretcher after we had to pick up a person at Puttbua in the heart of Brøstdalen several years ago. We then started to carry the patient down, but soon realized that we were going to wear ourselves out. So then we turned around and went back, and made sure that the patient instead had a comfortable night until he was picked up by helicopter the next day,

The same stretcher has also been used in previous campaigns at Nesaksla.
It is quite steep terrain, also some steep hills. But it went just fine, it’s just a matter of taking it easy, one step at a time. Without the stretcher with wheels, it would have been a much more demanding operation, states the auxiliary corps commander.
A big advantage of using the Red Cross for such simpler rescues is that we are far cheaper than a helicopter, says Øystein Valde with a satisfied smile.

Campaign participant Martin Antonsen was able to take a well-deserved rest on the special stretcher in honor of the photographer, while stretcher drivers Sivert Hole and Øystein Valde demonstrate its use. PHOTOs: KJETIL SVANEMYR

Source; today (w/Google Translation)

The Norwegian police is not normally armed, but they can sing:

Seat with a view:

Trolltunga (Troll’s tongue) is a rock formation and a popular hike in Norway.

A ski area was using one of these stretchers 60 years ago in New Zealand. Injuries were few as it required a good level of fitness to get to the area. The rope tow was powered by parts from an old tractor carried in by club members and was of the “nut cracker” type.

Why use wheeled stretcher on a ski slope? One of these would be better:

Not sure if that particular type was available 60 years ago, but this type was:

Yes they are in use on most of our ski slopes. This particular field was accessed by a stiff climb through a forested area below the snow line before you gained access to a ridge where the wind kept it reasonably clear of snow. After about a total of 10km you arrived at the south facing basin with beautiful powder and a rudimentary hut.

Sunset in Ålesund tonight:

Sunset at Brakstad;

Seagull eggs and Mack Beer!!:

(Also at Brakstad)