Greenhorn looking for work in around Southeast Asia

Hi everyone,

new here. I’m 42 and had a silver jewelry business in Indonesia when the global economy wen’t South. Currently make $900 a month in a transitional employment situation. Hoping to earn an adult male wage at sea. No experience but willing to learn. Married my Balinese girlfriend of 3 years. We’ve been husband and wife since January. We’ll be having a a bouncing baby in June. Where should I look for work if I want to be in and around Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia/Bali?


Good Lord… whata question!

The hole story about jobs on board is about:

  1. Experience, (preferably onboard - experience),
  2. Certificates and qualifications, STCW - for a start,
  3. medical fitness (not much required but a med cert is a must)
  4. Schooling background

If you wanna answer to your question, you should provide more proffesional details about yourself, apart from your social, marital and parental status.

Go ahead! Dont be shy!

I would also be very interested in the answer to this question. I have been trying to find work outside of the USA, preferrably Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or Med but will go pretty much anywhere. I have unlimited chief mate, DPO unlimited, 1600 ton master, also sailing master 100 GT. Looking for work on a dive/construction/ROV boat since this is what I am doing now and like it. Or would like to try yachts. Trying to avoid tankers and drillships…
Appreciate any insights