Green Hydrogen

A ship that will be powered by the green hydrogen produced in Norway:

Green Hydrogen projects are all the rage in Norway these days, incl. how to transport it to market;

The company behind the design is newly established, but all the key figures have long experience in the VARD system:

ENERGY OBSERVER, the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen ship is making way in Singapore water on 8 Apr 2022
Photo: Kuet

Getting ready for the hydrogen age:

If I get this right;

  • You can store Methanol in liquid form in 1 atm. and at normal temp. in ordinary tanks,
  • Using Methanol to Hydrogen Generator you get Hydrogen that can be used in Fuel Cells.
  • If you start off with Green Methanol you end up with clean water as “exhaust”, resulting in Zero Emission/Zero Pollution energy to propel ships, boats, trucks, or whatever

So the world’s greatest problem is thus solved, right ??

Hydrogen vessel: Hydrocat:

Source : ekinetix

One step closer for hydrogen as the Marine Fuel of the Future:

Powered by fuel cells and green hydrogen:

TECO Marine Fuel Cell – Teco 2030

Rotterdam-headquartered liner Samskip and Houston-based marine robotics company Ocean Infinity have secured close to $16m in funding from Norwegian state enterprise Enova to advance the development of zero-emission, remotely operated and autonomous-ready, shortsea container vessels that will operate between Norway and the Netherlands by 2025, creating one of Europe’s first green corridors:

Dutch and Norwegian cooperation in the Green Hydrogen development is progressing:

Sweden is moving in a hydrogen direction:

From today:
New factory has a lot of heat left over

Towards the end of 2023, hydrogen will be produced at a completely new factory here on Hellesylt. PHOTO: ANNE-MARI TOMASGARD

If anyone has plans to start a nursery on Hellesylt, Norwegian Hydrogen’s factory has a lot of heat left over.

The factory is scheduled to start producing hydrogen from the end of 2023 and the factory will have a lot of heat energy left over, for example for horticulture - if anyone has plans for such an establishment on Hellesylt. The hydrogen factory can deliver to many in the immediate area of ​​the factory, for heating a swimming pool and for Hellesylt Stadium, which can then be snow- and ice-free throughout the winter. When the stadium was renovated in 2010, several kilometers of plastic pipes had been laid in the ground, tell
They were present when Andreas Wenaas Østigård and Øystein Tørlen, both from Norwegian Hydrogen, were recently on Hellesylt to take a closer look at the plot they have secured.

  • The hydrogen factory on Hellesylt will be the second in the country so far. In Berlevåg in Finnmark, there is also a factory, and it has almost become a tourist attraction, the two say to the website.

Own pool for fire extinguishing;
They can also tell that there is too bad water pressure for fire extinguishing water to the factory, so the company will establish its own pool, or water tank.
It is not difficult to achieve, but is a bit expensive, adds project leader Andreas Wenaas Østigård.

Norwegian Hydrogen expects to start work on the site for the factory this autumn. They are also announcing a public meeting in September, so that the local population will have more knowledge about the plans.
(Translated with G.T.)

Not only ships, ferries and truck can be powered by green hydrogen:

It can also be used for long term storage of energy from renewable sources: