Good Watch (time piece) for boat work?

I’m looking to buy a good digital watch for working on a tugboat. Maybe one that has the tide & moon phase ect. Anyone have any sugestions (make/model) ??? Thanks in advance for your help.

Casio G-shock

I worked with a mate who wore a Rolex and every cup of coffee had to come out of a press but couldn’t break a tow if his life depended on it. Yeah I’d go with a Rolex

Rolex if you’ve got something to prove (small penis syndrome)
Otherwise GShock or ( what I use) Timex Expedition: analog, glow for night, plastic , fabric band so that will shred before you’re wrist rips off, $40.

I buy my watches from this website called I can get some really good stuff on there. I bought my second watch from there both aquaswiss which are really nice water resistance. This one is stainless steel(149 plus 11 for shipping retails for 1400), last one was a rose gold. But they have tons of different kinds and brands. They are brand new in a box with a 2 year international warranty. I should the site to the guys I am working with on the liftboat I am on now. The electrician, 3/A, and C/M where all going to buy some also. The electrician I know bought a bunch of different ones ranging from 1 dollar plus shipping up to 269. He was going to keep some for himself and resale some others. Just thought I would tho that out there for u. I believe the nickle has two sides so I want to spend them both. I like the nicer ones but don’t want to spend that kind of money on them. Buyer beware !

I use that brass one above the chart table works pretty good

I prefer to wear a Hamilton Mk22

but if you don’t have Popeye forearms like me, then a TImex will work quite nicely especially if you find yourself overboard and being run over by your own ship!


“Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”!

Here is the picture of the watch I bought for 149. Been taking a beating and doing well. I am happy with it, this is my second watch through them. And I have also gotten two nice ceramic watches for my wife who works at a police station which is where I was told about it. I think taxes are scams also I guess all about your perspective.



Completely forgot about this jewel of a watch I wear for special fancy dressup party occasions on the bridge …

I mean every crusty old merchant mariner should be able to be GLAM and wear BLING during the midwatch! I mean wouldn’t it be just awesome to share this with your watchpartner…I mean you can even text eachother from opposite bridgewings…OMG!

In all seriousness, I have worn both Timex and Seiko watches for over 30 years at sea and all have served me well but I always have a 2nd spare with me in case a battery bites it out in the mid Pacific. No reason these days anyone need spend more than $150 for a dependable rugged watch. Remember that it’s always a good idea to have a breakaway (ie. not metal) band.


When I was sailing, I found that I really didn’t need a watch. When onboard, there were clocks in every space. While on my time off, I didn’t need one since I only needed to know what time it was when I was heading back to work. I didn’t evey buy a watch until I came ashore. Now with smart phones/BlackBerries, etc., I no longer feel the need to wear a watch, and don’t. I have never spent more than 15 bucks on a watch when I did wear one.

I’ve become a watch snob… I have a omega sea master GMT 50th anniversary but I usually wear a timex beater inboard. I’ve also discovered Chinese watches like Parnis… Look like a nice watch with a solid movement but don’t cost alot so if jacked it up onboard no problem

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I like a time piece that is accurate and quick to read. I have always used the timex ironman triathlon, which is only $30 but keeps great time and is very durable.

This looks awesome, but the price is insane. Maybe when I start making OSV money I will treat myself…

Whichever type of watch you decide to purchase, my advice would be to look into the professional diver series watches. My particular one is Citizen. You never have to wind it or change batteries and it is waterproof so it won’t become a worthless piece of metal should you get it wet or bang it on a hatch coaming by accident. You get what you pay for. The other option is a good Casio digital watch that is inexpensive, but still gives a pretty good value.

I’ll second the Timex Ironman series. I purchased one a few years ago. It’s seen a lot of abuse and the only thing it needed was a new battery last year. Can’t go wrong for $30.

Definitely the Casio g-shock. The thing is pretty much indestructible. Its got basic tide and moon features as well.

[QUOTE=c.captain;64509]Completely forgot about this jewel of a watch I wear on special dress up occasions on the bridge …[/QUOTE]

I prefer this one

It’s blingier, and it matches my hockey jersey

A Timex with the “indiglo” feature is great at night.