Baller Gift For Mariner

My brother just got his Master Unlimited and I want to get him something completely baller. When I got my master’s ticket bro stole my boat and completely pimped it out with awl grip, gold leaf, new upholstery, etc. I don’t think he slept once during the off-hitch he worked on it because the boat really turns heads. If a boatyard had done the work it would have cost me $100k easy.

I don’t have the time or ability to repay the favor, plus his boat already looks killer, but the kid is stylish so I want to get him something nautical and baller.

Any ideas?

Half a key of blow and 48 hours worth of hookers?

$50 dollar Costco cash card.

Sink his boat and give him the insurance check.

Gold leaf? What type of boat we talkin??

A trip to if you guys like to fish

A badass fishing trip would be baller.

I second this. But maybe like 48-hooker-hours crammed into like a 12 hour session? That would be like want…4 hookers at a time? A gift any man would love.

I always wanted one of these.

I vote this as well! Send him to Alaska to slay some halibut and kings

Check on here for some baller ideas.

[QUOTE=rshrew;140740]I vote this as well! Send him to Alaska to slay some halibut and kings[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that’s the gift I’d choose for myself but, not my bro, he’s single, still trying to impress the girls and is into the bling (yeah, I know). The Breitling looks more up his alley, does it come in version with more flash or diamonds or something??

Rolex yacht master, or something fancy from ball watches

Membership to reality kings

Not sure. Maybe you can swap out the bands? Only downside to that watch is they make you pay for search and rescue costs for a false alarm.

Bangbros, brazzers, the list goes on. Where to start?