Mariner Watches

I’ve had this watch for two years now and it absolutely rocks!

I wonder how many of us wear smartwatches at work these days.

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Garmin… kinda smart-ish, but with great battery life.

Apple Watch all day , expect when I have to charge the damn thing . Only down fall to smart watches . Taking them off to charge

That’s why I went with the Garmin. 14 days between charges.

Damn I charge mine everyday , it is almost 5 years old , I like its for the steps and getting messages mainly. What garmin do you have

I’ve got a Fenix 5x. I think they’re still selling them on Amazon at a pretty hefty markdown if you don’t need the O2 saturation feature of the 6.

There’s also a free app that gives you current sun data for prepping for sun lines if you’re so inclined in the Garmin App Store.