AB pay was $95 a day back in 1995. I hope yheu are paying little more than that now.

If I recall correctly mates were about $250 and captains about $400.

There probably isn’t any shortage of 100 ton licenses.


I think that’s higher than they ever paid mud boat officers. Before the downturn it was $850 for Master and $750 for Chief Mate.


$1000 now is a lot less than $800 in 2016.

$1000 now is about the same as $800 last year.


$841 @ 2016 = $1000 @ 2022
$800 @ 1016 = $945 @ 2022

$955 @ 2021 = $1000 @ 2022
$800 @ 2021 = $838 @ 2022

If they were paying $850 in 2016 then they should pay $1004.80 today.


You are making the false assumption that Government inflation figures are correct. They are not

The prices of a lot of things have doubled during the pandemic.

Gasoline and home heating oil have doubled in a year. Building materials, cars, food, and many other things are up at least 25%.

I had to cancel plans to build a new house on land I own outright. The cost of some building materials are up 100%, if you can get them.

In some markets house prices and rents are up 25% in a year.

Electric rates are headed toward a big increase. Interest rates are in the process of increasing from 3% to4.5%. Thats a 50% increase.

I could careless about bullshit Government inflation figures. I buy things, and increasingly elect not buy. I know what real inflation is


I have no doubt you are correct for your situation. If you’re spending more than the median American on gas, used cars and home building supplies then your personal inflation rate has certainly outpaced the government inflation figures.

On the other hand Americans, like me, who drive short distances, own the home they live in and are not picky eaters, hardly notice the most recent bout of inflation. If someone is also a landlord with rising rents yet steady costs the inflation rise is welcome news indeed!

I figure most Americans aren’t you and they aren’t me. They aren’t buying building materials or collecting rents. But the government has to take us all and find some median or average inflation rate. You’re just on the wrong side of the middle this time.


But they doubled from an artificially deflated price caused by the pandemic.


But the government has to take us all and find some median or average inflation rate. You’re just on the wrong side of the middle this time.

The CPI also doesn’t take into account “shrinkflation”. The bag, box or can looks the same but contains less.

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Same practice but it’s a paramedic that does the physical. Thought that was a little odd……

Anyone currently looking, don’t pass up on applying to some of the smaller OSV companies (Laborde, GOL, etc). They’ve recently brought their rates up to what the bigger companies are paying.

When I started in the GoM back in 2014 right out of school one of the larger OSV companies I recall the lowest ranked guy in the wheelhouse, besides me, making somewhere around $825/day by having an Unlimited 2nd Mate/1,600T Master/Unlimited DP Cert. I was just a Training Mate making $500/day with no experience and about 3 hitches later I was making $675/day once I finished my Mate in Training packet. I also remember the Chief was making over $1k/day and this guy was working as much as he possibly could at the time since he had about 8 kids at age 30. I really enjoyed that job working in supply but ended up in the MPSV fleet. $675/day was the most I ever made when working on OSVs and it was when I had zero experience. I got laid off at the end of 2015 but came back to the company about 14 months later only to be making $400/day as a Mate. I think I finished at that company in 2018 with an Unlimited 2nd Mate/1,600T Master/Unlimited DP Cert just like the guy making $825/day back in 2014 only to be making $420/day. The icing on the cake that made me leave was when they promoted me to 2nd Mate and I only got a $10/day raise. They also tried to transfer me to a vessel working out of Dutch Harbor but I told them I did not want to do it full-time and would prefer to be back on my old boat. Well when I got back to my vessel working in the Gulf not only did I return as a 3rd Mate but we had a new 2nd Mate onboard who had just come from Harvey. That guy ended up being one of the fellas that paid for their license out of New Orleans REC. I remember he wasn’t the best boat handler and seemed very inexperienced. I was not surprised to see his name on the list of mariners who got caught.


Yes, but as far as I know Candies is the only company really doing this. Heard a master unlimited is sailing as a Mate for $900 a day. Not sure if that’s in a “night captain”/ C/M role or not.

Jackson has increased AB and QMED pay from $375 to $420 and $395 to $440. No other ratings got raises

Tidewater and SeaMar are also at $420 a day for AB’s

For the youngins starting out in the oil patch. Do not make long term plans on the current demand and pay rates in the Gulf. Mortgages, long terms loans ect. The Gulf is feast or famine. Feast now but there will be famine again so save money during feast times. Budget for making 1/3 less a year than what you are making now and save the extra. Layoffs and paycuts are all part of the cycle. If you only have Gulf experience you will have a hard time finding work when things slow down. Now is the time to be gaining experience outside the gulf while people are chasing the money and employers are looking for people on the east and west coasts. Because the next time it shits the bed there will be a flood of people with all of the same experience looking for work outside the Gulf.


Excellent advice. I do think even in a big drop in oil prices, there won’t be as severe of a downturn. Many oil majors are figuring out ways to break even on a fairly low price of oil per bbl. Also, tonnage is way down compared to 2014 and previous. Many smaller companies went out of business and boats were sold off. The market just isn’t flooded like it once was. Also worth mentioning is many of the big players in the OSV industry have branched off into towing, wind farm etc. I agree though, get the money while you can, just be smart with it. Save some. Live within your means.

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That’s about how “prevailing wage” works onshore. It’s a little more complicated but that’s the gist of it.