Golden Stripes Leadership on the High Seas by Capt V S Parani

I’ve been thinking about writing a book about seamanshp. I’m not planning on writing one and never will but have been thinking about how such a book would be laid out.

I was thinking about combining actual sea stories with the theory behind it. Principle and Practice.

Golden Stripes is the book I’ve been thinking about.

Golden Stripes is laid out using a ship as an analogy and with a true personal story from the authors experience or well known incidents, The tanker Braer, the Exxon Valdez and other incidents less well known.

Golden Stripes: Leadership on the High Seas Hardcover - Well worth far more than the current under $3 price.


Just put it in my cart.


Was it new for $3 yesterday or is that a typo?

I bought it for $1.73. After I got the book and started to read it I went back to the Amazon page to get the link it was between $2 and $3, don’t recall the exact amount. I see now it’s $10.46.

Did you buy the physical book or the digital version?

Print version


I’m jealous, that’s an amazing price.

In the USCG Proceedings Magazine there are a lot of Special Articles on Leadership:{“issue_id”:459304,“page”:0}

On Amazon now, the used copies are $21.21 and the new copy is $20.19. What kind of demand for this damn book has gCaptain generated, in order to raise the price by 666%? Not to mention why is the used copy more expensive? Something fishy here.

I also wrote a review of the book which was pushes out to 50,000 newsletter subscribers: