Going no where fast in a storm




I wonder why they aren’t ballasted further down… Her wheels are barely in the water and there looks like plenty of freeboard…

The videos of OSVs in bad weather always look terrible. We launched a 170ft jet power crewboat off a giant ground swell right out of the jetty in Cameron, LA (in the Gulf of Mexico). A guy coming in called and said it killed him not to have a camera and a picture of it. He said it was one of the prettiest things he’d ever seen. It must have been nice, it was great for us too - just big swells with nice soft landings.

Too bad the winter is nearly over…

Fair winds peeps…



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Please, somebody ban this a-hole


600ft double hull tanker in ballast in the Gulf of Alaska in the winter kinda comes close. Never had a mini-fridge try to join me in the rack before or since…

Wow, I give allot of credit to the folks that work on the oil field patch boats when the weather gets like that. (I’m assuming thats North Sea-I don’t read that language)

As for the posting drug store… I’m afraid this site must have a security weakness for spam bots.