After a discussion about "storm oil" I just looked at the CFRs

I thought this went the way of wooden ships.

Per CFR 46 169.529 lifeboats are required to carry one gallon of storm oil that can deployed from the sea anchor and an oil burning lantern capable of burning for 9 hours. It certainly is not in SOLAS. I have been sailing foreign flag and was not aware of this CFR.

Anybody have any additional color on this?

I remember this on my 12 month tug AB test in '72. It had to be fish or vegetable oil.

Yea it calms the waves, they’re less likely to break and spray everywhere. From what I’ve heard from old timers it works, hopefully I’ll never find out.

So when you have training on your vessels regarding lifeboat equipment, do they pull out an oil burning lantern and a gallon of vegetable oil?