Global Entry renewals

…are fast! I put my renewal app in yesterday online, and today in the afternoon it was approved. 5 more years.

It would be nice if more things worked like that.

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How long did you wait to get your original interview appointment? I waited 6 months, not as a good of an aspirational goal.

Mine was 9 months for my conditional approval. Crazy annoying when I heard so many stories of approvals in less than a week and sometimes same day. On of my co-workers, a new immigrant, was approved same day.

They made up for it in some small fashion in that I was out of the country when I got my notice and did the interview on my way back in two days later.

Frustrating for me was 2 months into the waiting, I got an email that Dulles airport was taking walk-ins without appointment, I got the email the day after I was there returning from IMO. Not needing it again for another few months, I just waited until an appointment was available in a more convenient location.

You’re lucky that Dulles is a convenient distance. The closest place for an interview is more than 100 miles away for me. I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky that I got approved while out of the country and I was returning through Miami. When I got to immigration there was literally almost no one there. It actually kind of felt eerie and post-apocalyptic. The GE line had no one waiting for an interview and I was through in about 2 minutes total.

*** Note that I said a convenient DISTANCE. Nothing in the greater DC area is actually convenient. As a survivor of a 20+ year NOVA sentence I am very happy that now the closest thing I see to rush hour traffic is the drive through line at Dunkin Donuts.

How long ago was that? When I got mine 2 years ago they did walk in if you’re actively traveling through the airport. Appointments were only necessary for those that weren’t traveling.

Last February, I was on a flight arriving there on the 14th, I got the email on the 15th. Don’t remember the specifics, you might be right that appointments were needed if not getting on or off a flight there.

I’m pretty sure it was/is only getting off a flight. An international flight specifically. Instead of going through customs you ask for a global entry interview and they take you to a room and interview you. That’s how I did mine, though my connection was in New York.

I did mine online, didn’t need to go in.

Sorry. I don’t remember. This is my second renewal so that interview was about 10 years ago. I thought that I had read somewhere that another interview was necessary this time but happily, that was not the case.

Mine expired during COVID but they extended it once or twice. There were no appointments on the horizon and my schedule was a mess, but then a card appeared in the mail without ever going in for a second interview. I guess I am low risk or something.