GI Bill for industry related courses

Anybody ever try to use their GI Bill for industry related courses? It says on the VA’s site that:

Non-College Degree Programs
The GI Bill is available for training at non-college-degree Institutions. This includes the training in areas such as HVAC repair, truck driving, emergency medical training, and barber/beautician school.

Think courses in our industry would qualify? Specifically, I’m looking at taking some courses offered by MAN:

As long as they are certified by the VA, it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve heard of vets going through police academy on it…try this site;jsessionid=qtMbSxQFpzyL7GpnQrtnNGv6G9CGQQvb2YqM9Cvw3vB2pv2lXhfJ!-1531379871

If link doesn’t work just Google “is my school eligible for GI Bill”

I’ve used it to pay for my CM/M courses at Mitags. Most individual courses are not covered. You should check with the school with regards to whether or not they offer coverage through the GI Bill. I converted my Montgomery GI Bill benefits to Post 9/11. Was not difficult.

I used the Post 9/11 GI Bill for all of the classes required for my license progression… AB to Unlimited Master, Oceans (Hawsepiper). The majority of my classes were taken at Quality Maritime Training in St. Petersburg, FL, as they were one of the first schools in the country to be approved for Veterans benefits utilized for maritime training courses. I think MITAGS and MPT are also approved now. Each school has different policies regarding GI Bill benefits, such as down payments, course approvals, certification, etc. Most are pretty helpful in filling out the required paperwork and getting the process started. You will need a certificate of eligibility from the VA to get started. If you have GI Bill eligibility, I highly encourage you to utilize these benefits…particularly the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which not only covers the entire tuition, but also provides a prorated housing (BAH) and books allowance based on course hours. Not a bad deal! Good luck!

I met a guy at Mitags that was living there for 6 months going through their AB to Mate program. He said he was using his GI Bill to pay for it.