New G I Bill and training

With the new G I Bill set to start providing benefits in Aug, what schools are out there that are classified as an Institute of Higher Learning? I’m thinking a lot of the places around (piney point, STAR, CMTI, MAMA) won’t qualify, but hey, any classes you can get would be a plus. Any idea on how the " certification" payment would work. The G I Bill website is deliberately vague!!

My son is using his GI bill now for Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle. I’ve heard PMI accepts the GI Bill. IF PMI accepts it so should MITAGS. The problem is you can’t get a lump sum to pay for a school up front. You only get whatever your calculated monthly benefit are while you are in school.

I am trying to plan my next career out a little early…want to ultimately work in the towing field as a Mate (looking hard at PMI or MITAGS). I am looking for any Ex-USN folks that have done this and would greatly appreciate any pearls of wisdom.

The VA leaves it up to each state to give a school the designation required for the VA to allow the GI Bill money to be given to you for that school. The school must start the process by applying to the state for the designation, the process can take several years in some states. I pesonally gave the folks at PMI the info and applications they needed to apply to be an approved school, it took quite awhile and by the time they were approved my 10 years had run out and so I had no more GI Bill eligibility. Captmike called it right, you may get money but it most likely wont help much due to the way the payments are structured, (monthly min/max). The GI Bill can also do lump sum payments for certain training, I believe some software/high-tech schools are approved that way and the GI Bill can pay for certain exams required for certifications and licensing and even the license, like for an RN, not sure about USCG stuff. Check the VA website all the correct details are on there. Also you might call PMI and see what financial assistance other vets have actually gotten to take classes there.