Anyone work at Genesis?

at who? wasn’t that a band with Peter Gabriel and later Phil Collins as lead singer?

They bought hornbeck’s tugs

No, but the guys there don’t seem too miserable.

I thought it was the planet that Spock was “buried” on and was later resurrected. Star Trek 2&3.

Heard they got a fat raise & signing bonus to stay instead of going to HoS supply boats

I thought he was talking about the platform until rshrew posted.

[QUOTE=c.captain;135115]at who? wasn’t that a band with Peter Gabriel and later Phil Collins as lead singer?[/QUOTE]
Your very funny Coward Captain

Its always the same jackasses trying to be funny.

I’m bumping this thread one time to see if there is yet anyone out there who works for genesis marine on the atb side of things. Any new info about them other than what’s already been said a while ago?(which wasn’t very much). Seems like a solid company from what I hear.

No ATB’s though, although some seem to think pins may be coming to some boats.

I know a couple of guys that work there. I consider them to be good sailors, and they like the whole package pretty good.

Didn’t someone up here have the e-mail address to their HR dept? I searched and cant find it. I cant find the offshore boats website either.

Give me a day or two, I have a buddy that can get it for you

They’re looking for inland personnel.

Not to hijack the thread, but I was wondering if inland pay was less than offshore (generally)?. I am assuming it is. I have been interested in Genesis but there are no offshore openings. I was thinking about trying the inland gig until they had an opening.

I hear good things about working at Genesis.

Seem ok although I have seen some completely clueless deckhands working on their boats, to the point of being dangerous so there maybe some turnover there. I am not sure if they do 28/14 or what in wheelhouse as it always seems to be the same Guys on the radio.

They are 21/21 across the board as far as I know