Genesis Buys Hornbeck Tugs and Barges

Anyone know anything about Genesis Energy? It seems they have bought the Hornbeck tugs and we (the guys on the boats) would like to know more about them, like pay scale for instance.

They bought a bunch of Florida marine stuff , have couple of plants in louisiana I thought they was mainly brown water but I guess they are expanding

I’m pretty sure these are the first offshore units they have.

Ah yes the old mushroom treatment…

All we know:

ANY discussion about Hornbeck Tugs in the last three years always refers to them as ‘Downstream’ tugs? What the hell is that?

Downstream is an energy sector term; my understanding is its more in the transportation, marketing and refining end of things vs upstream which is exploration/exploitation.

They throw midstream in there but ill let the guys with actual experience break that down.

Why did HOS have such an aggressive plan in 2007/08 with all their retrofit tugs and new barges? I remember the new hire orientation, it was all balls to the wall and positive. After about a year they were talking about selling the tugs and that’s all I’ve heard since. So strange. Why on earth did they even bother? All they did was loose contracts and sell equipment. So discouraging for the guys on the boats who were working hard trying to do a good job and build something.

Good luck the the tug fleet personnel. Hope you guys make out well.

Hornbeck is primarily an OSV company, the tugs have always kinda been a sideline. Upstream (as pertains to Hornbeck) refers to the OSV’s that service the offshore rig industry, where the oil supply originates. Downstream refers to the tug and barge side, who mostly move oil and refined products to refineries and terminals for distribution. The tugs were making more money than the OSV’s during the downturn in 2008-09 and so were more important to them then, but now they are back to building and running supply vessels.

Thanks for the well wishes acesouthcoast .

Well if you’re in the NY area other companies are hiring. Get in while you can.

Met with the new owners on board yesterday.

What port?

Houston, TX

Ok, have some guys in the Caribbean asking a lot of questions…

Supposedly they are making thier way to all the boats soon, but I dunno about down there…

Carl Annessa and two guys from Genesis showed up at the anchorage 4 hours after the announcement. Sounds like we have good options as long they don’t pull a fast one and screw us over.

We’re at Ingleside, by Corpus. Last I heard they are supposed to be here on Friday. What did you find out?

Well, we saw Hornbeck and Genesis reps today. Looks like we will have the option to go with Genesis and the tugs or stay with Hornbeck and go to OSV’s. Both are sending packages with details to all crewmembers.