Seacor & HOS?

Just heard this one, I guess you can say it is only in the rumor stages. But a merger between HOS and Seacor with Seacor being the parent company.

Is that something you saw online from a new article? I saw a similar blurb about a merger with Hornbeck when I googled it, only to see the date was 1995. I think that may be the case. They seem pretty solid, but you never know.

no, it was just told to me by another guy. Don’t know where he heard it from.

I poked around the financial news pages and stuff and couldn’t find anything.

From what it seem like Seacor is getting out of the work boat business. Mainly concentrating on crewboats and anchor handlers. Plus I really don’t think they have recovered from buying out Seabulk. That deal cost them a billion all said and done.

But I will say that if they think money can be made they will buy a company if it’s for sale. HOS has some really good boats, and while they have tied some up, it’s been the really old stuff that they inherited when they bought out Comar.

I think Seacor missed the boat on postioning themselves for being any force with the deep water and ultra deep water market, and the aquistion of HOS would rectify that situation.

So while it is possibly, unless HOS is in a bind money wise, unlikley from what I’ve seen and heard, or Seacor is offering on hell of an offer, also very unlikely as they have a history of being bargin shoppers from what I know when they aquired Seabulk and Air Logistics.