GE FDL engines in marine use?

I have seen a couple of examples of Alco engines in tugboat and the like, but I haven’t really heard a lot about the GE FDL engine that is used in locomotives in a marine application. Why did this engine not catch on for marine use while EMD and even Alco found a dual use in locomotives and boats? Are there any rare examples of this engine being used on a vessel?

M/V Excellence has a GE I believe

Have seen them used as DGs on steamboats. Some of the old SeaLand ex States Lines ships if I recall correctly.

The OSV’s Harvey Spirit and Supplier have GE 7FDM12 as their main engines.
As far as engine designation goes, “M” stood for Marine, and “L” stood for Locomotive.

Harvey Gulf’s LNG ATB have a pair of Wabtec 6L250 MDC Tier 4 engines. GE Transportation merged with Wabtec in 1999 and those engines are sold under the Wabtec name.

Some of the ships @Steamer is referring to were the old Farrell Lines ships that were later run by US Lines which and then went to SeaLand. The Enterprise and Pacific are still running (though not for long once Pasha’s new ships come on line). The Trader and Navigator are long gone.

Most of the ex-harley now centerline atbs have GE main engines.

US Lines, thanks for the correction.

I have GE MDCs on my tug, the big selling pont was tier 4 compliance through EGR.

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There are a number of tugs around , new and old, with GE engines.

You will likely find GE (and their successor Wabtec) Marine engines more prevalent than ALCO engines.

yea, same seadog, more ge than alco

I think cost is a big factor. They are much more expensive than the EMD’s. Secondly back in the day the mechanical governor units just weren’t that good. The electronic governor units do hold up very well with very little downtime. They do have some quality control issues. A number of years back aluminum pistons built in China or Russia slipped through and were cracking. Lately I have seen random valve seats wearing rather quickly.

I’ve seen them in a number of tugs and Washington state ferries use them in their Issaquah class with good success.

I’m happy to work on them, most everything is easily accessable and unitized. My experience is they have been quite reliable so pretty much push the start button and push the stop button with regular filter and oil changes. Occasionally a water pump, and rarely a cylinder swap.

Excellence has 12v250MDA

FDL engines are 8v228, 12v228, and 16v228 in maritime applications. Non tier, EPA 1, and possible EPA 2.

EVO engines are the 6L, 8L, 12V and 16V 250MDA(EPA2), MDB(EPA3), MDC(EPA4)

29 tugs in panama canal with mix mostly 12v228 (FDL) engines
Next contract of tugs at panama canal has been dragging for years so I have no idea if the trend of GE engines for Canal authority will continue.

Crescent towing, Reinauer transportation, kirby, Hyak, Oceaneering, Harley Marine ATB’s, Harvey gulf, Manson construction, Week Marine, Washington state ferries, TxDot, ECO, all have at least a couple vessels with GE engines.