Who works on a duel fuel ( pilot injection) with gas?

How do the fuels compare pro’s and cons?
Which does the CE prefer?

I’ve worked in the wheel house on a few.

The biggest thing is on DP if there is a sudden surge power is needed it will switch over to 100% diesel because the GVU’s cant keep up. All that needs to happen to go back to gas is a few buttons on the panel in the ECR.

Also the constant bunkering is a pain. Every run we would need to top off, and it takes the whole crew that’s on watch due to having to have a fire crew on standby and setting up the dry chem fire extinguishers.


Where will this project take place.

I dont think there are any engines currently certified in the US/EPA for dual fuel so if it is a US built vessel/Jones act it will be difficult.

It seemed like every other Workboat Magazine cover for 5 years had a picture of a duel fueled LNG US flagged vessel on it. They’ve been around for well over a half decade now.

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The Vard 1 311 designed Harvey Energy was named “Workboat of the Year” in 2015:

Now also the first US flag Hybrid OSV, with a battery pack from Corvus Energy:

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Your attachment is strictly LNG engines. Quite a few manufacturers have EPA compliant LNG engines.

This thread asked specifically Dual Fuel. Globally there is dual fuel but as far as I know it on slow speed engines and none are EPA certified and thus my reason of asking where the project will take place.

GE, EMD, CAT, CUMMINS do not have offerings for marine market in dual fuel… I went to look and Wartsila advertises dual fuel for the 34DF but in literature it only meets tier 2 compliance with diesel and thus it would not be an option in US unless a repower and i dont see a vessel going through such a retrofit.

Well just to let you know Harvey Gulfs LNG vessels run on both liquid & gaseous fuels, diesel & LNG. I have an acquaintance that was an engineer on one of them. He said on long runs they could only stay on LNG for 1 leg of the trip & the other would be on diesel. I asked if they could load LNG offshore & the answer was no, only in Fourchon. It’s not practical for vessels that make long voyages to be strictly LNG due to capacity limitations.

Bergen Engines has both dual fuel and pure gas engines in their collection:

PS> Just sold from RR (Not to the Russian bidder):

I just read through the press releases I could find on these vessels and all that I see are LNG fueled… A couple were upgraded to Hybrid propulsion with the use of GE batteries. nothing on the dual fuel LNG/Diesel as you described above
I do not doubt that there was an EPA Exception granted for field follow type application, such applications occur but often are not publicized.

Again Those are likely helpful to original poster but not valid for sale in US.

That would be crazy if they were only powered to run on LNG & nothing else. Since there’s only 1 LNG fueling station that I know of the vessels would have a range of a few hundred miles tops before they would need tugs to pull them around unless they had some other means of propulsion.

I doubt LNG needs an exception, pretty sure its way cleaner than diesel as it is in gas/petrol in a SI engine?

I have read lots of articles on engines converted with pilot injection for EU waterways

US Navy use Bergen Engines. That was one of the reason why sale to a Russian controlled company was stopped:

Did you not read jemplayer’s post?

Both Tote and Crowley’s ships on the Puerto Rican run are advertised as LNG powered.

Lots of boats dual or single fuel lng, just interested to hear from people working on them.
Cat 3412 with spark plugs been around for 30 years or so?