Tugs and Superior Engines 65LX series

Hi looking to find info a Superior Engines 65LX8 engine fitted to a Ingalls 4-S diesel locomotive(the 1 and only Ingalls Loco) . These engines I understand were originally designed for tug boats.
What changes were made for loco use ? Photos of build of this engine? Installed into loco by whom and where ?
Possible it could have been installed at Ingalls Iron Works in Decatur AL, or Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula

Charles Harris

Don’t think I can help you, but more than a few Fairbanks/Morse direct reversibles from trains were installed on tugs a while back. The noise they made was sweet.

Thanks SeaEagle. Must be great to hear.

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I heard they were used on a couple of subs too. Had one sub guy as an engineer that made my engines purr, He did have knowledge of FBM engines, was awesome with our EMD’s. I was blessed with good engine guys.

I believe the biggest change between marine and locomotive use is the oil pan. Marine engines typically have deeper pans to account for rolling and pitching. Locomotive engines do not have that issue.

Absolutely sir about the oil pans… For whatever reason, we had problems with the freshwater cooling pump from time to time. This was more than a few decades ago and off subject, but had to throw that in.

Google is your friend. There seems to be a fair amount of information and photos. One of the links should get you to someone who knows someone who know something.

Thanks Steamer. Plenty of general info on Ingalls 4-S but I have searched lots for Superior engines etc but not much luck to date. Will keep trying.

Cant help with the fitment. I do recall the engines had a different camshaft for stationary use. It is my understanding that the locomotive engines are spooled up to full RPM with no varying of speed. If this is so, then the engines would have different cams, and governors. They were also used in stationary application in oil field pump use too.

Being a Deckie makes me have operational (plus some tinkering down below) experience.
I worked for 7 or 8 years on a tug with twin white superior engines. 900 HP 300 RPM.
Extremely dependable engines up to about 10000 hours. Then the front end crank bearing went which effected the mentioned water pump wobble and failure. Once the M&R understood (and accepted) the 10000 hour maintenance curve they lasted for the next 6 years. (The previous company had it well documented in machinery history logs, just my company thinks they know how to reinvent the wheel…) So that was from 1962 until approximately 2002 I ran her from 1996 to 2002. In 2002 they were removed and sold for scrap. The MTUs replacing them were a lesser quality, less torque, less reliable engine. The boat was scrapped in 2016 or so.

Heres a link I found which points out lots of info. If youre looking for an old take out engine, the company name changes may help search for more info. They were called: Superior, National, White, White-Superior, and finally Cooper. Tough to find all this info with it being out of date, and all this happened prior to the internet. Here’s a link to get you going. http://heritagecenter.us/images/upload/mancat_superior_%20white_cooperengine.pdf

Hi Cappy 208

Thanks for the very informative message. Appreciated. I will follow up on the link.