Marine Engines depending on the vessel

I’m doing a university research project about the differences between marine engines of different types of ship (bulk carriers, ice breakers, speed yachts, tugs, fishing boats, etc.)

Is there any article, documentary, book, etc. avaliable that could help?

Who’s advising your research? Do they like you? Are you sure? This topic doesn’t seem likely to yield fruit at a university level.


you’re talking to people here who’ve sailed all the stuff you mention. I’ve been around and certainly not as much as others here but honestly, I wouldn’t know where to begin to try answering your question. The differences i alone could list are legion!, How about you try to rephrase your question, maybe address one aspect of this and ask just one or two questions about a specific thing … something like that?


Are you asking why one type of engine is used in a particular application vs another type?

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I’d start with Pounder’s and take it from there:

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Pounder’s is an excellent reference. :+1:

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I would talk to CAT and see if they have some literature regarding suitable applications and so on. They own MAK so they can cover you from the smallest harbor tug to a container ship. Just don’t be surprised that the best engine for every application is CAT lol.

MaK’s are medium speed engines. Most larger ships whether they be Container, Tanker, Bulkers, RO-RO’s and so on will generally have slow speed engines. Usually MAN or Wartsilla though I understand Mitsubishi still makes them as well.

I’m well aware that MaK is medium speed. I don’t know of any other engine manufacturer that will have literature running that range of vessel power requirements. I don’t think a textbook is what he’s looking for here.

EMROBU has the best reply: "who’s advising, do they like you " … ! what a crack up!

MAN :slight_smile: They do everything from sportfishing inboards to the largest container ships, 2 and 4 stroke. That’s not even going into their commercial vehicle engines…

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