gCaptain Store Should Carry

I’m making a thread for people to make suggestions to John for what the store should add to it’s inventory.

I say: Luggage. High quality roller luggage, high quality soft (waterproof?) duffels, and maybe some dry bags.


Honestly I’m not sure I would look to gCaptain for that stuff. The super large “body bag” style of duffels would be cool.

Velcro backed morale patches.


Velcro backed? So they can be quickly removed if morale takes a sudden and precipitous decline?


I have carry on and backpacks with the Velcro already on them. Just started getting a few patches myself and yes morale does change.

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Yes!! I’m a big fan of GoRuck backpacks… which all come with velcro for a patch. I’m just not sure how many other readers would be interested in them.

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Pendleton woolen mills had some neato luggage … how about some maritime themed address labels but this may have to be done on line interactive?

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FYI - We added some of our favorite marine electronics. Here’s a link to what’s new:

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There’s a typo in the Olympus camera blurb – “in climate” should be “inclement”. :slight_smile:

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Please add, Soft Shell jackets with the color anchor logo instead of all white.