Gcaptain moderators should start a "WTF thread"

Some commenters go so far off the rails into left field with their posts and there’s no possible way to connect their comment to the main idea of the topic being discussed. Of course those familiar with the internet & forum etiquette want to reply to those lost souls but to do so just makes the problem worse. gcaptain forum should add a question mark icon next to the heart icon so people who are on topic can “Up Question Mark” the completely confussed guys wondering around in left field.

Or maybe the gcaptain moderators can start a “WTF Thread?” to put all the “off topic” comments on.

To “Hawspiper”, only in your freaking dreams will a middle-income, laborer, American father come home to his family in their $200k home, discuss his 401k & brag about how much cotton, corn or green beans he picked that day. Pure fantasy on your part! No economy in the history of the world has been set up like that. It has never happened & most likely never will. Where do you get your hopes from?

BTW, the evidence that produce would cost 50%-500% as much if we had Americans picking it has been around for 50 years, way before that lunatic Trump was in office. Presidents Carter, Reagan, H Bush, Clinton, W Bush, Obama, the evidence was the same for all of their terms in office. Why contradict it now & place it on the shoulders of stupid Trump voters? WTF?

All I can say is " WTF " ???

Exactly. For instance, when mariners are discussing the port running light on a thread & idiots chime in & start going on about the Red Light District in Amsterdam, I think the “on topic” mariners should have a separate “off topic” or “WTF?” tread to reply to the thread saboteurs.

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