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Like PBS, gCaptain is viewer supported, every-time you click on an ad we get a few cents. But, unlike PBS, we don’t like bothering you with membership drives. Rather, we show google ads to casual visitors and [I]much fewer[/I], hand picked, ads to members who [I]log-in[/I] to share their knowledge and expertise on this forum. We think this system is a fair compromise but to keep it we need your help…

October is the month when big companies draft their 2012 advertising budgets and we’ve already recieved initial commitments from a few name brands. [I]Many[/I] others are interested but all ask the same question; “Why do so many mariners love gCaptain?”. It would be presumptuous for me to answer that question so, instead, gCaptain would like to share [I]your[/I] thoughts.

[B][I]The RULES[/I]: Tell us why you like gCaptain in 250 words or less (just one sentence is enough!). The post which gets the most “thanks” will win a signed copy of my book. [/B]

[I]The BONUS: We love feedback and your answers will help shape the direction of gCaptain in the coming months.[/I]

Of course John, I think I speak for most in saying that I’d love to help!.

Here is my story.

For a long time I’ve know that [I]everyone[/I] who’s important (or just “clued-in”) reads gCaptain but I was skeptical at first because there are so many bad maritime websites out there. Then our company’s marine superintendant came aboard our rig and at a meeting he started talking about a forum post. I quickly figured out I was the only one in the room who didn’t know what he was talking about so I logged onto gCaptain for the 1st time that day. 4 hours later I was hooked (line and sinker!) and have been reading gCaptain every day since!

Well that’s an easy question! I’m not sure I’m going to win for this entry but it’s the truth!

[U]gCaptain is [B][I]THE[/I][/B] place for maritime folks like me.[/U]

There is no doubt that it has to do with the fact that the topics are well suited to what interests most professional mariners. Like myself, many like to hear about items that affect our small industry. We don’t take time to realize that our industry is so small and the scope of interest from most all of us is rather concentrated. Keep up the good work John!

When I was merely thinking about changing careers and getting a job in the maritime industry there was only one place that I could find any useful information regarding it: gcaptain. When I made the decision to move forward with it, there was one place where I found the information on how to go about getting my documents, where to look for a job, and what route to take to start my new career: gcaptain. When I finally got a job on a boat there was one place I came to thank everyone for all the priceless information they provided me and countless others in our quests to become mariners: gcaptain. As I’m getting ready to sit for my first license and endorsement tests, there is one place I go to get answers to the questions I have on what to study, what tests to take, what classes to attend: gcaptain.

Without gcaptain I would still be just as clueless as I was the first day I started to wonder about getting a job on the water. It is the ONLY place where anyone can go to get whatever information they may need on any sector of the maritime industry. I’ve searched everywhere on the internet, libraries and bookstores, even asked people in the industry, while looking for information. In the end, NOBODY, NOTHING, and NOWHERE else contains as much information on the maritime industry as gcaptain.

Everyone who contributes to this site and has educated me, thank you!

Gcaptain is a place for mariners from all over the world, all levels of background to discus industry topics, ask questions, find jobs, and to look for guidance. Its like an online bar that is jammed packed every night with tons of interesting people, all with different stories, opinions, back grounds, but we all have a common bond, we are all one way tied together, just as the sea touches every part of the world. Lets also remember when the Deep Water Horizon disaster happened, Gcaptain had more current information then the news reporters did. We had, and have members worldwide, who on a drop of a dime, help a fellow mariner in need. I check Gcaptain daily online, from my phone via the Gcaptain app, i just cant get enough, everyday i learn something new, Thank You

I’m John’s biggest supporter for one reason… gCaptain is the place for maritime and offshore experts. Yes, the job postings are nice if you’re looking for a new career (I’m not) and the training stuff is priceless for those still advancing their license (not me) but what’s critical for the industry is the database of solid technical advice from experts in our field. Experts I trust. From the chemical composite of marine coatings to the performance characteristics of different rudder types and the design of navigational electronics, the information is all here if you’re willing to look. And when it’s not you simply have to ask questions to get a flood of advice from competent people with true, on the job, experience.

gCaptain has shaped my career, guided me in writing operational procedures, assisted me in making high level purchasing decisions and aided me in the countless duties required by today’s ship captains and offshore managers.

The beauty of gCaptain is in it’s membership.
There are a lot of people here who have been there, done that, and are successful in their fields of endeavor. And they are happy to share their knowledge with others.
In the days before the internet, someone starting out had to work pretty hard to get the correct info in how to plan their career and advancement path.
Many times the info they got was incorrect.
Along came the internet, and now it was easy t get all kinds of info.
Many times the info they got was incorrect.
gCaptain is where I go to get the straight poop.

As a place where professional mariners can discuss meaningful topics and useful information, gCaptain is the best game in town.

As an infrequent poster, but near constant reader, I find gcaptain to be the only online site where I can find trustworthy licensing advice and conversation, interesting technical discussion, hilarious debate, and up to the minute news. This site is a fantastic resource for a wide range of mariners. I feel lucky to be able to be a part of it.

gCaptain is the place i know i can get the information i need with out laying down my Visa card. This sight is full of mariners that have been there and done that and are willing to share their knowledge. I dont post a lot but i am here every day looking and reading. I feel lucky to be a part of this and in my mind gCaptain is beyond the shadow of a doubt the #1 Maritime website.

GCaptain, Where people in the know…GO

This is great stuff guys and is very helpful… keep it coming!

I really LOVE gcaptain. I have been visiting for years. It has tons of useful information on things like navigation and links to weather, the jobs board has not been as good as it used to be but at least it has some jobs there again! I really enjoy the forums, the discussions are entertaining and also full of helpful comments on all sorts of issues.

The unprecedented access to active and informed professional mariners. The kind of access that helps clear up questions about any related subject facing today’s mariner (new or old). The ability to share knowledge in the most modern format and still be able to reach the “old school” with its content.
With the participation of members such as Jim Cavo, this is the go-to site for licensing issues/questions. Telling your story is as old as time, let’s just say that prehistoric cave paintings and gCaptain have a lot in common. They both tell a story, teach a lesson, and entertain the group.

When I was coming up I was supported by many people. Some giving good advice and some giving bad. It is hard to be successful without the support of others. I always wanted to help people. I feel like I can make a larger impact to more people here.

Hi Everyone
I’m new to This forum
it is great to join this Forum, hope i’m welcome

I want to know what Ashley is up to these days.

It keeps me up at night and keeps me coming back to gCaptain.

And the winner is… Tugboattim.

Many thanks for all the great comments guys, your support is what keeps gCaptain going!