Galley hand work

Hell everyone I’m looking for work in the galley department what’s the best route to go I’m not a cook just a gally hand mostly dishwashing cleaning.

Look into OSA (offshore services of acadiana). On my last boat most all of the cooks and galley hands came from that operation.

Try TAYLORS International Catering based in Lafayette LA…Good luck…

Im going to assume you are in FL. Why dont you go to Ft Lauderdale and see if any yachts are hiring, im they have plenty of turn over for the galley.

Hell to you too!

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I’m also looking for work in the galley I have 5 yrs experience I need an assist please.

I was a Gallahand for 10 years unfortunately

Ess offshore
Target hospitality
Bailey’s offshore
Premier catering
Art catering
Taylor international
Cardinal catering
Every company needs deckhand right now. I would only keep a Gallahand job for six months Maybe a year while I’ve paid for all my classes and if I was really desperate for money and getting my life together, but not any longer than that or you will get sucked in for life is really bad at nine dollars an hour maybe 10.50 And it will never go up.