Gaining Maritime SAR experience

Hey folks,

I am looking for suggestions on the best ways to gain Maritime SAR experience. From the research I’ve done thus far, all that’s popping up are routes via the USCG or expensive training schools.
I’m new to the industry- currently working towards an AB via the commercial shipping route. I was thinking I could get SAR training on land then volunteer with an org and work my way up.
I am interested in SAR work in the Mediterranean or humanitarian work. I’m seeking professional advice on the most direct way to gain Maritime SAR experience, not engaging in a political debate. We’ve all got different life experiences and are entitled to our own opinions.

I’m a dual citizen in the US and EU, so suggestions in any region work.

I really appreciate it-

If you’re in the US, join your local Coast Guard Auxilary Flotilla.

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Well that was easy. Thanks!