Future marine fuels

One more vote for Hydrogen:

One more for Hydrogen:

Small scale but should be possible to scale up on future demand for hydrogen bunkering of large vessels…

Nuclear anyone??:

70MPa! Wow! That is some serious pressure.

I bet the IACS rules for construction of those piping systems will have to mirror or exceed NASA level stuff. I wonder how long the systems will last in FoC operations and El Faro style maintenance?

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Japan has a pretty good record when it comes to both technology, maintenance and operation, so I wouldn’t worry too much about their ability to handle a bit of pressure.

One more vote for Ammonia:

A bit surprising that a major mining company originating in Australia is in the forefront of cleaning up shipping and saving the planet.
But then again, Andrew Forrest has always been a bit of a maverick, with ideas that goes against the mainstream. (He was the one that wanted to build a replica of Titanic)

Nuclear power for ships are in the news again:

This technology and company has been featured here before:

And soon there will be a new generation of Middle Eastern fundamentalist whackjobs looking for ways to weaponize the units stolen by their pirates.

It is interesting to note that Malcom McLean came very close to making the decision to build the SL7 Containerships with nuclear powerplants.

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More on the nuke front:

I hear there is Nuclear Innovation Team, with some heavy hitters on it from multiple companies and US government sectors.

Fortescue Future Industries lead by Chairman Dr Andrew Forrest AO is putting their money where their mouth is:


The Fins wants to be ready for whatever comes:

Three consortia of maritime companies and knowledge institutions have received a total of Euro 52.9 million from the Maritime R&D subsidy scheme of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Royal IHC is proud to be part of two of these consortia: Menens consortium, aimed at developing adaptive solutions to accelerate the use of #methanol in vessels and SH2pDrive, for the acceleration of the development of hydrogen as an #emissionfree alternative energy source for ship propulsion and energy systems.Needless to say that we are really happy with this result and are looking forward to – together with our partners- making the maritime industry more sustainable.