Future marine fuels


Hydrogen Fuel Cells is gaining recognition as a Fuel of the Future:

But so is Ammonia:

Ammonia is winning more believers:

Progress made on life-cycle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) guidelines for alternative low/zero carbon marine fuels:

Green Ammonia is gaining in popularity:

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I cant wait,
ship delivers iron ore to foundry with zero emissions
Ship delivers the coking coal with zero emissions
(Magic stuff happens outside the environment to make the steel for the ships)
Zero emissions ship delivers the steel back to where the coal and iron ore came from

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and the point is what?
All emission problems cannot be solved in a year or two. Reducing emissions from ships which provide 90% of trade would be a start. Perhaps some technology they discover could be used by the steel industry. I think the development of new sources of energy is exciting. Wish I was still active enough to participate.
Things progress. Horse drawn buggies used to be a big business but the buggy business changed. I am sure you remember when transportation went from spoke wooden wheels with steel rims to steel rims and rubber tires. :grinning:


Lucky the Irish invented the wheel long ago.

That is debatable, I think potters invented the wheel. A guy named Goodyear developed a process for rubber which eventually made even the gasoline buggies of powerabout’s day able to travel longer distances . The cushion saved many an axle and ass.

John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre and it was in Ireland. He was born in Scotland and a veterinarian.

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Did he?

“Robert William Thomson (1822–1873) invented the first vulcanized rubber pneumatic (inflatable) tire. Thomson patented his pneumatic tire in 1845…”


My vote for pneumatic tires is Michelin. Failed a few times but eventually became the gold standard for radials.

I sure hope they don’t decarbonize beer and take the sparkle out of wine!


Good beer and real Champagne doesn’t need added CO2, just good craftmanship and maturing naturally.

Back to the subject:

If shipping costs are huge then more stuff would be made where the customer and or the raw materials are.
Thats decarbonizing the whole chain

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