Frame-able License, maybe

MTVA just received a call from Frank Sturm who is the Deputy Director of USCG Standards in Washington D.C…

He explained that the frame-able License issue is not dead in the water and that a solution to satisfy those who would like the option to is currently in the works. While it will take some time to get there, the likely result that is being considered is a digital file that can be sent to the license holder. The holder can then print out the frame-able License, on a paper of their choice at home or at a print shop. This digital format [I]might [/I]be free of charge for the license holder since the USCG printing cost would be eliminated.

It’s potentially good news for those of us who might want to posses the traditional U.S license and a step in the right direction for the USCG.

[I][B]Best regards, [/B][/I]
Captain Jordan May
Master of Towing Vessels Association


I am glad they are listing to us in some way. Call it vain, but the messy MMC photocopies that are popping up in the license rack sure aren’t attractive. One of my captains didn’t even post his until the day we arrived in the US last trip.