Foreign Construction Vessel on the Great Lakes

The Highland Eagle, a construction vessel out of London, was just west of the bridge in the Straights, moving very slowly. A short time later the USCG gave a security call advising to give the vessel a CPA.

Turns out Enron, another foreign company, has contracted to take core samples for a proposed tunnel under the straights:

Are there no US flagged construction vessels available?

Ask Fugro, those are their cabins on the back.

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Or ask Tidewater.

A bit more on the project this vessel is engaged in:

You linked to the exact same news article as in the first post.

Oh there’s plenty of vessels available! But just look at the wind farms off MA/RI. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve counted about 8 foreign boats working/ surveying out there, but only one or two domestic boats. And Fourchon is chock full of boats that could do that work. :confused:

Oops, now corrected.

A 220-foot long international drilling vessel

It’s a simple PSV, about as basic as they come.

The vessel comes with a price tag of roughly $17.5 million

Are they retarded? You could buy a 755 for $7-8 million in today’s market. Slap on a drill rig and still have a couple of millions left to pay salaries.

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