Fit For Duty Letter


Does anyone have a sample fit for duty letter from their doctor. My specialist is going to write me one before I go for my physical and to send into the USCG. But never had to write one before for the USCG. So if anyone has a sample letter, with confidential info blacked out, to share that I can pass on. That would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Funny enough, the Coast Guard already printed one up for you. It is called the CG-719K.

Fit For Duty Letter

(Name) has been examined on (Date) and found Fit For Duty.

(Doctors Signature)
(Doctors Name)

The thing is, if your specialist writes it, there should not be anything found during your physical that would run counter to the Fit for Duty statement. If there is something that you know of that will pop up during your physical, a letter from your specialist saying the condition is being monitored and is under control to the Doctor doing the physical (and accompanying the CG-719K) is a good idea.

Why would that be sent to the Coast Guard? The only reason the Coast Guard would consider fit for duty is for a medical certificate, and the only acceptable document for that is the 719-K (or 719-K/E) form.

The MEBA issues a Fit for Duty Letter when a physical is done (CG-719K) but it is not sent in to the USCG. The letter is used to allow you to clear for a job with the union.

Thanks. Its my first renewal where I have a possible health issue going forward. I appreciate the help, i’ll forward this info to my doctor.

Be aware of the new 10 page USCG forms that must be used after September 1st. Many mariners and doctors are not aware of this change.

I need a for for duty a while back. HR asked that It read " Fit for duty with no restrictions" it was literally 2 sentences.