CG Physical requirements

So I did a search & came up empty. My nephew wants to work on boats & would be starting as a greenhorn OS. He was born with scoliosis, & has a pretty noticeable 15 degree curvature of the spine. Would that disqualify him? I’m trying to find out before I take him to get his entry level MMC physical tomorrow, Thanks.
click on Medical “Fitness for Duty Determinations” under Guidance.
If he can function would be the issue, and more so with an employer than maybe the USCG. All the USCG medical info that’s fit to print or read is at that link.

Thank you. I’ve seen his functionality in his ability to lift, push, & pull, so I actually think he could make it through the physical, but would face a bigger hurdle in getting hired by a company. Anyway, thanks again.

Good luck to him. I will keep him in my prayers for a successful career choice!

Thank You!

My mate has scoliosis, not sure to what degree, but its well documented and has never been a issue.

Hello, I am new to this site and I am not sure how to start a new thread I hope that it is okay to ask for an opinion on this one. I took my physical for renewal in April 2012. At the time of the physical, the only issue I had was a heart murmur. I complied with all their requests and signed a form stating that if there was a change in my condition I have to contact them (I understood this to mean my heart condition).

In the months after my physical, I was diagnosed, treated and cured of thyroid cancer. I did not want to send them incomplete information or info that would turn out to be incorrect…especially since I was informed that there would be no clear answer as to my prognosis until surgery and post surgery treatment was completed. As instructed I had the heart tests they asked for yearly done. I also included with this information complete documentation detailing my cancer diagnosis, surgery and recovery plus what new medication I was on. My question is this…did I handle this properly?