3 years ago i recieved my MMC, after a year i was in an automobile accident and have scaring on upper left left arm i have always had full usage of arm and can lift over the required 50 lbs, will scaring be an issue at physical?

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Depends on who your working for. I’ve had broken bones etc. Union doctors didn’t scrutinize so long as I had full range of motion.

look at what kind of paranoia our medical evaluation system with employers and the nmc has created. mariners are concerned about losing their mmd or missing out on a job over scars!

i don’t blame you. i renewed my medical cert a couple months ago and mentioned on the app i had a vasectomy since my last physical. even though nothing came of it i was kicking myself in the ass afterwards while I was waiting for the issuance.

i wouldn’t worry about it too much unless the physical is for a job with a gulf osv company.

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No issue with scars here. Got a nice one on the back and a few on the arms. I’ve had a physical with a few different places. Some noticed, some didn’t even look. Never volunteer any information.


Thank you for the replys, i should of explained more. I am O/S Steward Wiper( F.H.). I have contacts for a position just dont want to pay for travel to be told i wont pass physical. After reading on a internet site that explains any scaring on extremites is an automatic disqualification. Like i explained full fuctional of arm can lift over requirment. Thank you for taking your time and replying.

99.999% of what you read on the interwebs is bullshido.


The USCG physical is easy, as is the US DOT phyisical on which it is based. The foreign Seamen’s physicals are basically the same. Just don’t volunteer anything that isn’t obvious.

I find that most employers send me for a standard USCG physical and that is it. The damned oil patch companies are the only ones that do X-rays and MRIs. Most states do not allow employers or doctors to do X-rays or MRI for a pre-employment physical.

The bayou companies are also in love with computerized strength and agility tests. That is a cancer promoted by insurance companies and the quack profit-seeking occupational medical doctors that is spreading North. I have not been sent to physicals because young HR girls wrongly assumed that an old guy like me cannot pass. I pass the USCG physicals and the strength and agility tests every time.

I see plenty of guys onboard with lots of scars.

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One more question about physical, do they have my medical records? Obviously my surgerys from my accident is in them.

The do not have your records. They might ask you to sign a consent form so that they can get them. Unless you have an ongoing back problem or something they probably are not going to bother with your records.

It’s not to give consent to get medical records. It is to communicate directly with the mariner’s doctor. It is still the mariner and their doctor’s decision whether to provide records.

A physical exam here costs $55. I have only seen one person in my career fail and that was due to her being almost blind.

Do the physical first so you will only be out $55

Do you live in the Bayou?

No i dont.

Thats what i was thinking, thank you. I lost some muscle tissue on top and side of shoulder clean break with bone. That was 3 years ago like i sad have full use and throw 40lbs around pretty good making appointment for this week get it done see what happens.


How about STCW 95, its now 6yrs old and with no sea time so i would have to repeat that also because my MMC expires in april

You most likely will have to do a 3 day basic training refresher, not the 5 day original all over again.

And probably whatever other gap-closing you haven’t already taken for the Manila Amendment stuff that went into effect Jan 1st.

As I understand it, the STCW courses that must be renewed, refreshed, or revalidated after Jan 1st 2017 in order to renew a MMC are: BT, PSC, Adv. Fire, and Fast Rescue Boats.

I believe that the MEBA and SIU schools offer a one week combo Revalidation course that covers everything, except fast rescue boat.

Some companies want to see up to date certificates now for all of these STCW renewals. Reportedly, foreign port state control requires fresh certificates.

Right, but if he doesn’t have it already, there’s the Leadership and Teamworking class to take too.