Pre-employment physical

Man, this physical is a bear! I’ll be qualified to be an astronaut after I get through. MRI? What’s the deal with that? Fishing season starts in one week and I can’t wait…if the wind will lay down. It will be interesting if it doesn’t. That boat with no weight in her is like a 170 ft. sailboat.

I took the physical in Feb, and the physcial wasn’t a big deal at all. Did you mean BMI - Body Mass Index ? I dodged the bullet on that one, but there are physical tests you can do to demonstrate your mobility - like dragging a fire hose around, etc. You can do a google and find the BMI chart.

You can print out the medical form from the NMC site and look at the options.

My physician is great. His father was a captain on the Great Lakes lakers, and he is always interested in my work.

Good luck with on the boats. Are you back to the pogie boats?

I think he’s referring to a pre-employment physical required by the boat owner/employer, not the physical for a Coast Guard MMC. It’s conceivable they want an MRI to diagnose pre-existing conditions.