OUPV/25-ton Master USCG physical exam

My dad is considering pursuing an OUPV NC or 25-ton NC master’s license. He has the required sea time for the master’s license. He’s not interested in being a professional captain or master, he just wants to pursue licensing for self-satisfaction.

However, he has had bilateral (both knees) Total Knee Replacement. He gets around pretty well and walks 3-4 miles per day for exercise with no problem. I’ve been unable to find anything on the forum which addresses the requirements for a USCG physical exam for this specific issue. I’ve also been unable to find anything in the CFR regarding this issue. Although, I don’t have much experience looking up information in the CFR and I may be looking in the wrong place.

Does anyone have any personal experience with a USCG physical after a TKR? If so, does having a TKR prohibit someone who is otherwise fit and healthy from holding a USCG license? Thanks.

We get guys onboard with knee replacements.

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Just address it in the physical. Mark yes to surgery and when the doctor talks to him the doctor notes down that the surgery was successful and he has no issues to date.

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Thanks, I’ll pass on that advice to him.

Thanks. I didn’t expect that someone with a TKR could work on a tug. Good to know.

I’ve seen a guy with a fake leg

Back in the 80’s, I met a guy running a head boat who was missing an arm. Had the old school clamp/hook prosthetic. I asked him specifically how he managed a license. He said they (USCG) gave him a check ride and he was restricted to that specific vessel.

That was back in the days when OICMI was all done at the local REC. They could apply common sense when they felt so inclined. Not so much anymore. What would NMC do with an application from a one armed sailor?