Finally got an employment call!

After putting in apps and sending my resume to countless companies I finally got a call asking if I was still interested in a job." Absolutly" I replied to the HR guy. He said they would like to set up a physical and drug test ASAP. I took that on the 13th of November. The company paid for both. I called the HR guy back to let him know i had done both, and if he had any details for me about the job or where I may be going. He said he did not have any information for me at the time and would get back to me in a few weeks. I have since stopped applying to companies and been wating for their call. My question is, if they paid for drug test and physical are they serious about hiring me? Should I continue sending out applications in the meantime? After sitting hear idle for a few weeks I am getting anxious. From experience do you think they are serious about hiring me or should I keep on the job search? Thanks Kelly

I am filling out apps until the day I step foot on the Boat,Not putting all my eggs in one basket

I’d agree with this strategy. Wait a week or 10 days and then get back to applications if you don’t get a crisp answer from the HR Recruiters …

[B]I think you should ask them their preference for follow-up (ie phone, email, +/- once a week?) I think they are serious about you being being a “backup” if other dosn’t work.[/B]

[B] After all they didn’t tell you much, and that is always the start of a beautiful “mushroom treetment” relationship. I would stick with Skinny on his too, keep your routine untill you step foot on the boat.[/B]

Keep searching Ksisk. A lot of companies and headhunters will do this to you. You think you’ve got the job, but then they get a call from a former employee who needs a job and you are kicked to the curb before you even get hired.

Get complete copies of the physical and UA, you can use them for other opportuities.

Thanks guys. I will keep on with my search and hope this works out some time. Do I call the doctors office to get the copy of physical and UA?

The “Physical” is probably the property of the company that paid for it so they may not give you a copy. It does no harm to ask though.