Pre employment blood test

The company that wants to hire me wants a pre employment blood test. What are they looking for?

Depends. Is it part of a pre-employment physical? In that case it would be for your general physical health.

The other possibility is it’s for drug testing, though normally that’s done with a urine sample.

You could try asking the company, they should tell you.

I think the need to give blood for a preemployment physical is invasive and should be illegal. I’ve allowed it to be done in the past but felt is was wrong of Joe Boss to demand it of me. Of course, with no organized representation, the worker peon has nothing to use to JUST SAY NO!

Joe Boss wins again but that is the way y’all want it so that is what you get.

I had to give blood to N0A.A but they were looking for things like cholesterol and blood count, the drug test was the usual pee in a cup. As an official old fart (over 50) I must do this every 2 years.

Old fart is 55+, senior discount at McDonalds.

[QUOTE=RubberRhib888;121819]Old fart is 55+, senior discount at McDonalds.[/QUOTE]

Well, that’s good to know about McD’s- if this shutdown continues I’ll need all the discounts I can get.

Right on No Incumbents

[QUOTE=Theelee;122559]Right on No Incumbents[/QUOTE]

Some of the leading players in the current situation are in their first term.

Maybe it could be those people’s last term.